Mobility Innovation showcase at CES 2024

CES 2024 spotlights automotive innovation: Redefining the future of cars

Mobility Innovation showcase at CES 2024 Mobility Innovation showcase at CES 2024
Florian Pihs
Vice- President Growth, Asia Pacific

fevereiro 20, 2024


CES is the global stage where innovators from around the world gather to unveil groundbreaking technologies that will shape the future. It's the epicenter of technological evolution, showcasing everything from AI and robotics to automotive advancements and smart home innovations.

Along with the large technology leaders and automotive manufacturers, Valtech Mobility left audience thrilled and intrigued with a booth showcasing our connected cars technology and Smart Parking live demos.

In this article, let’s take an on-ground tour as we explore the latest technological marvels, delve into the automotive frontier, shed light on innovations that captivated attendees, and unlock the automotive experience industry as the future cars are turned into a “slab of glass.”

Innovations beyond expectations: Automotive tech takes the spotlight

While AI permeated the CES landscape as anticipated, innovations like Samsung iteration of their Ballie home robot and Amazon integrating GenAI into Alexa were definitely unmissable.  However, it was the automotive innovations that stole the spotlight, exemplified by things VolksWagen’s announcment of ChatGPT integration.

Other innovations that attracted the most attention from attendees included Xpeng's futuristic flying cars,Mercedes' electric G-Class executing tank turns and Sony and Honda’s JV Afeela showing off their integration of Entertainment, Gaming and Mobility. But it was LG’s vision of an autonomous driving vehicle with integrated, movable screens, and fronts seats that turn 180 degrees to creates a conversation area while driving and a built in fridge that truly blurred the lines between science fiction and reality.

However, what captivated everyone the most was the broader vision of automotive evolution—a vision that is already taking shape and was prominently on display at this year’s CES. The notion of "screens everywhere" and the car as a "smartphone on wheels" isn't just talk anymore.

Redefining the future of cars: The car as a digital canvas

Mirroring the transformation of smartphones from clunky bricks with buttons to sleek "slabs of glass," the cars of tomorrow are shedding their metallic box identity. Instead, envision them as a “digital canvas”, boasting screens both inside and outside the vehicle.

Building on this transformative vision, the notion of the car a ‘digital canvas' is now reshaping cars into interactive hubs. Transparent OLEDs from LG and MicroLEDs from Samsung promise a driving experience where windows transform into 360 degree immersive displays, offering 4k resolution and vivid colors, transforming the in car experience completely.

Figure 1: Transparent OLEDs from LG offer 360-degree immersive displays at CES '24.


Combine that vision with cars that use screens to on the outside to communicate with pedestrians, like the entertainment inspired Afeela concept by Sony and Honda or Zeekr’s 007 shown at the Valeo booth, and you have car that is a ‘digital canvas’ inside and out.

Figure 2: Afeela prototype bumper screen


As our cars evolve into dynamic digital canvases, capable of presenting a myriad of content—be it informative snippets, entertainment options, or customizable visuals—we're on the brink of an unparalleled driving experience. This paradigm shift underscores the escalating integration of digital and interactive technologies within the automotive industry. The goal is clear: to elevate the driving experience, fostering a more interconnected and personalized environment. This transformative trend not only pushes boundaries but also paves the way for innovative software solutions.

Mobility vehicles are no longer just modes of transportation; they've become immersive hubs of experience, entertainment, and convenience. This is where the Sony Honda JV idea takes shape, but also where mobility software developers and consultants like Valtech Mobility play a pivotal role. From creating innovative solutions to new business models and new revenue streams for car OEMs, solutions like smart parking reservations or ambient experiences are a need for today’s automotive landscape.

As the future unfolds, CES 2024 has provided a sneak peek into the automotive revolution—a future where cars transcend their traditional role as mere vehicles, transforming into immersive experiences on wheels.