Valtech and Adobe's Innovative Grocery Solution

Senior VP, General Manager - Valtech Chicago

junho 05, 2017

Digital Transformation in the Grocery sector.

Just like other brick and mortar retailers, the grocery segment is going through it’s own digital transformation. There are many disrupters being introduced in the market, from Amazon Fresh deliveries to meal kits from Blue Apron. While the transition to mobile and online for food purchasing has been slow going, it is starting to hit it’s stride.

Now is the perfect time for a big branded grocer to move ahead of the pack and adopt more digital engagement in their physical stores. They have a distinct advantage of having large store footprints that can provide opportunities to get customers engaged and simplify their grocery shopping journey. We recognize that digital adoption for grocery shopping will also require a change in habits for consumers.

Valtech has worked to isolate some key points in the customer journey that address how to bring value immediately:

  • Digitize the Shopping List - Simplify the process for adding and maintaining a shopping list while still using the traditional printed advertisement. Mobile devices have cameras -- use them.
  • Bring Consumers Back in the Store - Use the space to have cooking courses, prep fresh meals, and then make it easy for a customer to find what they need.
  • Location Awareness - Use the inherent functionality of a mobile phone to identify where a customer is in the store and use that to direct them to the products they need and ones you can recommend based on their profile.
  • Personalization - It is common for people to have dietary restrictions that should be known and understood during a food shopping journey. Build rich profiles for your customers so you can seamlessly recommend the right products at the right time.
  • Wearable Devices - Many people wear fitbits, Apple watches, or other wearable devices that track their activity. Tap into that data to become a health advisor for your customers and recommend the right foods that match their lifestyle. We are creatures of habit, use data and profiles to drive customers to better eating decisions.

While there are an increasing number of digital channels for customers to interact with, mobile is the conduit for success. The ability for a mobile device to tie your customer to a specific location in a store can then be used to power digital signage, voice assistant experiences, or other IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Mobile can facilitate connecting a user to your store, an aisle, or even a specific display. It can serve as the personal shopping assist everyone needs while making healthy decisions.

Valtech has partnered with Adobe to build grocery experiences that address the future consumer experience.