Valtech Awarded a Place on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 Framework

Marketing Executive
Valtech UK

outubro 03, 2018

We are proud to announce that Valtech have been awarded a place on the UK Government’s new Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 (DOS3) Framework. We have been on the UK Government’s DOS Framework since its origin in 2016.

We continually point our customers within the commercial sector to the way in which UK Government procure and deliver digital programmes. We think many companies in the commercial sector could procure better outcomes by adapting some of the good practices being used across government. 

This latest version of DOS continues to provide the consistency and transparency that SMEs need to engage on a level playing field. The inclusion of Data roles represents the acceptance of this critical capability in delivering joined up digital government, something Valtech is passionate about.

Our current services are available on DOS3 under lot 1: Digital Outcomes, lot 2: Digital Specialists and lot 4: User Research Participants.

The benefits of being on Digital Outcomes and Specialists

The aim of the Digital Marketplace is to make the commissioning process simpler, clearer and faster. Buying and selling through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework:

  • reduces the time and cost traditionally associated with procurement
  • allows buyers and suppliers to talk to each other so they can decide whether there is a good fit
  • gives more suppliers the opportunity to support digital transformation across the whole of the public sector

You can find out more information about DOS3 and buying services on the Digital Marketplace


Valtech DOS3 Listings

Lot 1: Digital Outcomes

To provide teams to build and support a digital service.Valtech can provide the following in relation to building digital services:

  • user experience and design
  • performance analysis and data
  • security
  • service delivery
  • service development
  • support and operations
  • testing and auditing
  • user research

Lot 2: Digital Specialists

To provide individual specialists to work on a service, programme or project. Valtech can provide the following roles:

  • agile coach
  • business analyst
  • communications manager
  • content designer or copywriter
  • cyber security consultant
  • data architect
  • data engineer
  • data scientist
  • delivery manager or project manager
  • designer
  • developer
  • performance analyst
  • portfolio manager
  • product manager
  • programme delivery manager
  • quality assurance analyst
  • service manager
  • technical architect
  • user researcher
  • web operations engineer

Lot 4: User Research Participants

To provide participants to assist government departments to validate user need.  Valtech provides a service to:

  • recruit participants with a range of experience, e.g. they should consider diversity, people who are digitally excluded, as well as those who have low literacy or digital skills, and those who need assisted digital support
  • recruit user research participants who best reflect the users of a service, e.g. a specific target user group such as people who have recently had a specific experience e.g. victims, witnesses or jurors

If you would like some further information, please contact Kate Frackelton, Marketing Executive UK: