Enabling Your Business Transformation with MACH

Gain agility and speed by leveraging microservices, APIs, cloud and headless

Why Consider MACH for Your Digital Solution?


These days more than ever, companies need to adapt their ways of working and interacting with consumers, partners and suppliers at a completely new pace. It’s time to rethink how to deliver products and services, how to equip sales reps with new solutions to better understand their customer’s needs and how to open up new channels to reach new audiences. MACH delivers quick scalability, increased agility and an improved end-user experience.

As a digital partner to our clients,we help guide you on how to benefit from solutions based on MACH principles. Brands should consider introducing MACH into their enterprise platform when faced with any of the following needs:

  • Sudden business and market shifts that require quick, agile changes in how your digital platform operates

  • Multiple teams in different departments regularly work on solutions in parallel with each other

  • Your solution needs to work across multiple channels and customer touchpoints

  • Your business experiences regular fluctuations (Black Friday Sales, for example) that require a scalable infrastructure


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Evolving End-User Expectations


The world changes in the blink of an eye, and brands that are prepared to meet those changes, are the brands that will survive into the future. In the same way companies have to rethink their organizations to be more agile, reactive and innovative, they also need to rethink their digital platforms to be more responsive, frictionless and able to project content to any touchpoint. A MACH architecture can help to future-proof your business by making you ready to shift in response to changing end-user expectations.

Success in both the short- and long-term requires a new generation of solutions that have, at their core, an adaptability to evolve fast to perfectly answer the next set of end-user demands. This used to mean brands needed to anticipate those demands and be ready to meet them, but as the world continues to change at such a fast pace, anticipating the demands is less necessary than being ready to pivot immediately when they do arrive. MACH is the solution to that issue.

What is MACH?


MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless. It refers to a set of architectural principles that offer a high level of control and agility to brands. MACH also has the ability to future-proof businesses, but to understand how that works requires a deeper understanding of each element.

  • Microservices: Single pieces of functionality that can be individually designed / deployed, leading to faster development and release cycles and quicker updates.

  • API-driven: Enabling the flow of data between microservices and acting as the ‘glue’ to link it all together.

  • Cloud-Native: For on demand access and unrivalled scalability. Making it easy to expand your reach across regions and channels and provide a better customer experience.

  • Headless: The ability to deliver amazing front-end experiences without getting distracted by the back-end architectures. Freeing you up to respond rapidly to changing market conditions.

Each factor in MACH enterprise architecture is designed to make it quick and easy to change and update your platform on the fly as well as many other benefits, but it’s this quick adjustment ability that allows brands to be more agile and to make changes without having to wait for major updates to their suite solutions. This quick-change ability is precisely what makes businesses that include MACH principles into their digital platforms future-proof.

The Tech Making MACH Possible


MACH isn’t a platform or a product in and of itself; it’s a set of enterprise architectural principles. MACH is a new way of thinking about building your brand’s digital landscape and unifying your end-users’ experience across all touchpoints. As such, we wouldn’t be able to integrate a MACH ideology into your brand without the help of our tech partners who make the individual technologies and platforms needed for a MACH architecture. In fact, together with some of these partners we are proud founding member of the MACH Alliance. Join the first MACH Alliance webinar and learn more.