Empower customers with personalized shopping experiences across digital channels

Across industries, Valtech knows B2C ecommerce. We understand the expectations driving customers and the tools available to help make surpassing those expectations easier.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud empowers you to connect with consumers and deliver personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints. This powerful platform enables unique, omnichannel digital experiences and frictionless transactions. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud features functionality that can improve customer experiences, help make marketing and merchandising easier, and even relies on artificial intelligence in handling massive amounts of customer data. Given the power of the platform, it can be difficult to know where to start with your implementation.

Partnering with a proven company like Valtech will help make the journey easier. As a Salesforce Summit Partner, we’ve worked on successful Salesforce integrations for multiple clients across industries. If you’re looking to upgrade your ecommerce experience, contact us today. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C implementation 

We recognize that Salesforce plays a critical role in the operations of many businesses. Valtech uses the Salesforce customer 360 platform to support and improve the establishment of business-to-consumer connections across several touchpoints. We focus on building, designing, and implementing the customer experience to assist you in establishing purposeful and human-centered interactions on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and increase your competitive advantage. 

We use the Salesforce platform to implement cutting-edge, digital commerce-driven solutions that profoundly impact our clients' businesses. By combining our extensive Salesforce knowledge with the skills of our digital experts, we can intelligently co-create tailored and linked end-user experiences that are delivered using the whole Salesforce platform. As a result, we can advise our customers from big concepts through implementation and beyond. 

As a Summit Salesforce Consulting Partner and skilled Salesforce multi-cloud integrator, Valtech has over 12 years of expertise assisting customers in designing solutions and bringing them to market in weeks, not years.  

What are the advantages of B2C Ecommerce?

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is the foundation for ecommerce solutions for companies in every industry. Salesforce ecommerce has the tools necessary to create B2C solutions fast and with a high ROI; whether you operate in Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Luxury, or anything in between, every industry needs distinct B2C ecommerce solutions to meet evolving customer expectations. 

With Valtech as a partner, switching to Commerce Cloud is quick and easy. With Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud fully integrated into your digital system, you will enjoy the following:  

  • Product, pricing, and catalog management to increase conversion rates (e.g., with dynamic customer segments). 

  • Merchandising and marketing tools to strengthen customer loyalty with established as well as new customers. 

  • Campaigns and content management to boost organic traffic.  

  • Site search and guided navigation to ensure seamless omnichannel customer experiences. 

  • AI-powered personalization to maximize client satisfaction.  

  • Responsive, data-driven site design for out-of-the-box API-first commerce.  

  • One-touch mobile payment options for a seamless customer buying journey.  

  • Multisite management and localization while using one single platform.  

  • Global scalability, security, and performance for borderless digital commerce experiences.  

  • Composable storefront offers the flexibility for fast changes, increasing sales and driving down cost.

These are just some of the benefits of switching to Salesforce B2C Commerce. To learn more about making the transition, contact us today!

The benefits of partnering with Valtech

For years, Valtech has been creating future-proof systems for some of the most well-known businesses in various sectors, such as Luxury, Consumer Goods, and Travel & Hospitality. Additionally, as a Salesforce Summit Partner, we have the industry knowledge to design B2C solutions that will allow your business to manage your online storefront, order management, inventory, and customer data in one place. 

When you work with Valtech on your Salesforce ecommerce project, we will assist you in creating seamless and personalized shopping experiences across multiple channels, improving customer engagement, loyalty and revenue.  

Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of Valtech’s Composable Commerce Accelerator. The Salesforce Composable Storefront gives brands a fast and flexible storefront to unlock agility and create custom experiences on any device. Our Accelerator program gives us the ability to build unique digital experiences faster by standardizing the universal building blocks of the back end during implementation. Meaning you get the benefits of a new composable storefront in a fraction of the time. Our Composable Commerce Accelerator was created in partnership with Contentstack. Contact us today to learn more.  

By choosing Valtech as your strategic partner for your Commerce Cloud integration project, you will: 

  • Offer your consumers a unique, smooth, consumer-oriented buying experience. 

  • Increase your speed to market.  

  • Deliver real value to your customers through effective use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

  • Transform online shopping from a convenience to crucial sales touchpoint. 

  • Integrate with other Salesforce products such as Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud to provide complete capabilities for managing the customer journey.

If you’re ready to explore Valtech’s Commerce Cloud offerings, reach out today.