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lime-green office cluster seating and table

Get to Know Kinnarps


Kinnarps is Sweden's largest manufacturer of office furniture and a provider of workspace solutions. Founded in 1942, the Kinnarps Group employs over 2,100 people. They operate in over 40 countries around the globe and are steered out of the headquarters located in Kinnarp, Sweden.

Design and Function


Kinnarps' website is the result of a close collaboration between Valtech, Britny, ROST Studio and Kinnarps themselves, of course. A site where design and function grew in parallel. In other words, a project in true Kinnarps spirit.

Since 1942, Kinnarps has designed and manufactured furniture of the highest quality. No wonder then that they have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of office furniture. With a new generation of customers, they wanted to strengthen their presence in the digital space and create a site and e-commerce platform that are as comfortable to look at as their chairs are to sit in.

The project consisted of two different parts, a customer-facing brand website and an e-commerce platform, where the common goals were to simplify communication and drive sales. Great emphasis was placed on mapping existing sources of information, product modeling and internal processes.

As a platform, Episerver was used as a CMS, with Storm Commerce as the e-commerce platform.

The Results


The responsibility for us at Valtech has been to take the design from vision to reality and put form into function without losing precision in the details.

Converting such an elaborate and detailed design into digital reality put high demands on us. In addition, we wanted the functionality to maintain the same high level of design. This way, we drew a straight line between the website and Kinnarps furniture.

The result was well-rounded and durable. Just like the furniture. The site is modern and inspiring, for increased lead generation and sales. Kinnarps can centrally control the content for just over 40 markets.

E-commerce complements the existing sales process and provides increased accessibility to existing customers. It is also a purchasing aid to make public procurement easier.

2 images - left is a seating cluster and the right is a laptop with Kinnarps website showing