Canada’s B2B Leader in Health & Safety Took a Transformational Leap

How Valtech Helped SPI Health and Safety See 180% Increase in Adoption



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Get to Know SPI Health and Safety


SPI Health and Safety began in 1972 after founder Paul Tremblay saw a need for more fire extinguishers to be made available in his community. The company began with a focus on selling and refilling the extinguishers and from there branched out into other fire prevention initiatives. As the company grew, they expanded their focus to encompass a wide range of health and safety products.

Since its founding, SPI Health and Safety has become a leader in the industry with a 360 degree offering that includes products, trainings and services. Their 20+ locations and nearly 500 employees are spread across Canada.

As is the case with many B2B companies, SPI found itself in need of a digital transformation. Valtech was a happy and willing partner in the execution of the transformation that would launch SPI into the future.

Common Digital B2B Challenges…

SPI needed a robust commerce platform to support sales growth and great customer experiences. Their old site, created to meet the digital needs of a bygone era, had different product pages for every size and color of the products they sold and they struggled to build new features without breaking the entire site. Along with the lack of a navigation menu, an underperforming search bar and difficulty expanding into new markets via commerce, it was clear that a new site, updated to contemporary digital best practices was needed.

… Meet Simple Digital Transformation Solutions

The decision was made to transition from their old catalogue builder and CMS and migrate their content over to Episerver B2B commerce and the inriver PIM. While this move sounds simple, a migration is often a laborious change, and the effect of this shift was transformational. SPI conducted training for employees on how to enrich product information through the PIM. Their internal PIM champion identified all the fields needed for each product type and fostered collaboration to create the data model. This simple change led to improved SEO, better workflow and a completely different customer experience on the site.

Mobile phone on a grey background with statistics: •	53% improvement on conversion rate, •	180% increase in user adoption, •	60% increase in the amount of session using the internal search tool


SPI Health & Safety

SPI now has one configurable product with multiple sizes and colors instead of one product page per size. They have the tools to structure their product information and can now review and standardize attributes across different product types, thereby improving the customer experience. And the numbers tell the story of the impact these changes have had:

  • +71% in revenues

  • +57% in conversion rate

  • +67% in number of transactions

  • +10% in organic revenue

  • -24% in average page load time

The new SPI site also offers brand new functionalities for the company such as quick order, order approval, and access to multiple BillTo Customers with one User Account. While UX improvements such as the simplified navigation and checkout process, and a responsive website have also helped to drastically improve customer satisfaction.

As digital transformation continues to effect B2B companies, Valtech is happy to partner with brands in the B2B commerce space to help transition them into our shared digital future.