The Integrated Customer Journey

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The New Automotive Customer Journey

In the era of digital experiences, the traditional dealership sales-style is now obsolete. The ongoing trends of connectivity, autonomy, sharing, electrification, sustainability and the economics of car ownership for younger generations have drastically changed the game. 

In our video, we explore and convey our vision for the car purchase journey. Discover how OEMs and car retailers can create a unique universe and experience for their customers.

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A Digital Transformation from A to Z

We are working with car makers, including Volkswagen, BMW, AUDI and Toyota, to transform everything from the connected product to the complete digital customer experience. We are helping them to find new ways to better integrate with smart cities and the world around them. We’ve delivered connected services platforms, new dealership experiences, purchasing solutions and unique online sale options and have helped some of the world’s best known brands to reimagine the end to end customer journey from purchase to in-car experience. We even help them transform and implement new internal processes and ways of working. In fact, our 10 year+ relationship with The Volkswagen Group has led to the creation of a joint venture: Valtech Mobility.

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New ways to buy cars 

Delivering digital information and answering FAQs is one thing, but the truth is that the process of buying a car is also changing to suit our digital-first world. Helping to update the way customers buy cars is something Valtech is highly familiar with. Whether it’s the process of choosing or creating the right car, or help with financing, we’ve got it covered. When BMW was looking to create a more seamless experience for customers to find BMW stock cars, we helped them take that project to the next level by creating a new car configurator. The result is a unique car matchmaking system that perfectly matches the customer with the perfect car from BMW’s fleet of options. While building a car online is simple, completing a car purchase online can be a little more difficult. That’s why when Toyota was looking to test out whether buying a car online was something their customers would be interested in, they partnered with Valtech to build the platform that would facilitate that. Now, Toyota Financial Services can finance a car purchase without the customer needing to visit a dealership.

Having worked with such industry giants on projects that touch on each important aspect of the customer experience journey led us down the path towards creating an entire business focused on one specific vertical.

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A Successful Automotive Future Requires a Digital Partner

Whether you’re looking to enhance the UX/UI, IOT integration, or autonomous capabilities of your vehicles, update the way customers find, customize and purchase vehicles online, or even break into the MaaS offering, you’ll need a strong digital partner to help you realize your future automotive needs. It’s best if that partner already knows enough about the automotive production and customer buying journey so that they can come to you ready with proven ideas on how to achieve your goals. Valtech is exactly the partner for that.

Our experience with the biggest names in the industry, our deep research into automotive customer needs, as well as our work on the exact projects that so many automotive companies and OEMs are facing all speak for themselves. Reach out today if you’re ready to update your company and let’s drive future growth together.

In short, we’re helping mobility clients designing, building and driving the future of mobility. Will you join us?


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