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The Composable Enterprise stands at the forefront of the evolving commerce sector, embodying an architecture that is inherently interconnected, flexible and responsive. Spearheaded by Valtech, a leader in this transformative approach, the initiative aims to expedite market entries while ensuring the scalability and adaptability crucial for future commerce landscapes. Through a synthesis of visionary leadership, refined processes, and cutting-edge engineering, coupled with a strong emphasis on MACH technologies and composable methodologies, Valtech's center of excellence propels businesses towards a future-ready commerce model.


This paradigm offers significant advantages, including the ability to deliver value incrementally and promptly, seamless integration across multiple channels, and a framework that not only scales with business growth but also adapts to changing market dynamics. It addresses the pressing needs of businesses today: navigating uncertainties, meeting elevated customer expectations, maintaining agility, and keeping pace with rapid innovation. By adopting the Composable Enterprise model, organizations are equipped with a strategic solution that not only meets current challenges but also paves the way for long-term success in the digital commerce arena

Why consider MACH for your digital solution?


These days more than ever, companies need to adapt their ways of working and interacting with consumers, partners and suppliers at a completely new pace. It’s time to rethink how to deliver products and services, how to equip sales reps with new solutions to better understand their customer’s needs and how to open up new channels to reach new audiences. MACH delivers quick scalability, increased agility and an improved end-user experience.

As a digital partner to our clients, we help guide you on how to benefit from solutions based on MACH principles. Brands should consider introducing MACH into their enterprise platform when faced with any of the following needs:

  • Sudden business and market shifts that require quick, agile changes in how your digital platform operates

  • Multiple teams in different departments regularly working on solutions in parallel with each other

  • Your solution needs to work across multiple channels and customer touchpoints

  • Your business experiences regular fluctuations (Black Friday Sales, for example) that require a scalable infrastructure


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Contact us today to get started assessing whether your platform would benefit from a switch to MACH. And to learn more about what MACH is doing for some of our clients, explore the following case studies.

Core offerings


Experience Elevation: The composable enterprise provides the capability to deliver seamless customer journeys across a variety of (digital) touchpoints through decoupled frontends that connect to headless SaaS solutions.

Commerce Acceleration: Headless commerce makes any touchpoint shoppable, from traditional ecommerce and apps to innovative in store experiences and connected devices.

Enterprise Transformation: The composable enterprise enables companies to become a digital business, supports multi-disciplinary teams to take end-to-end responsibility and allows them to act quickly on any opportunity and challenge.

Marketing Creativity & Performance: Create once and use anywhere. Reusability of content, assets, features and components allows marketers to focus on driving business outcomes.

Data Evolution: The open nature of the various components in a composable architectures allows for a complete and real-time 360 view on customers and their behaviors.

Our accelerators


LEAP: Enterprise focused B2C & D2C accelerator for multi-brands built in collaboration with MARS on commercetools.

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GEAR: Enterprise focused customer portal accelerator for aftermarket B2B commerce and integrated services offerings businesses.

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RING: Mid-market and enterprise focused headless frontend accelerator, leveraging integrated design systems and foundational project elements 


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Valtech & MACH Alliance

Founding member of the MACH Alliance and part of the Executive Board, the Presidency, various Councils and Advisory Board:

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Our MACH Partners

Casper Rasmussen
Group SVP, Technology, Valtech
Pascal Lagarde
SVP Commerce, Valtech
Christopher Gross
Group VP, Delivery, Valtech
Uday Lakkoju
VP, Composable GTM, Valtech
Francois Haguel
VP, Global Alliance Lead, MACH
Ashkhen Zakaryan
VP, Global Alliance Lead, Optimizely
Chris Zimmerman
Composable Practice Director, Valtech
Guillaume Migeon
Regional Practice Director, MACH
Bertrand Payet
Composable Practice Director, Valtech
Michael Rasmussen
VP, Composable Practice, Valtech

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