Developing a Digital Partnership with Sanofi

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Get to Know Sanofi


Established in 1973, Sanofi is an innovative global healthcare company, driven to chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. Sanofi engages in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs principally in the prescription market, but the firm also develops over-the-counter medication. They have offices all over the world and deliver their services and communications to both health care providers and patients.

Initially, Sanofi needed an expert to help train their team on how best to manage their web presence on Sitecore, but what started as a simple training project turned into a lasting working relationship and a full digital partnership that has spanned multiple years and different deliveries.

Sitecore Web Creations and Other Integrations


As is often the case with our client projects, we started in one place and through our work and relationship building, opened the door for more work in the future. We started our relationship focused almost exclusively on cleaning up Sanofi’s Sitecore environment and helping them learn how to run Sitecore internally rather than relying on their existing digital partner to do it all.

As we worked together, our expertise on Sitecore was clear, and led Sanofi to request that we create new sites with them. We not only successfully created a number of sites for the Latam region, we also run and maintain those websites for Sanofi with a team of dedicated Valtech employees embedded directly into the company.

One Specialized Portal

Sanofi wanted a new portal for HCPs and more, so together we created Conecta. A portal where HCPs can log in for important information, Conecta goes far beyond simply giving HCPs access to important patient data. Conecta has a public-facing side which presents all users with important information about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of certain diseases. On the login side of the portal, HCPs get access to crucial information about drug interactions to make sure they’re prescribing the safest medications for their patients, as well as a simple interface for ordering samples of the medications sold by Sanofi. This streamlines a process that often required in-person visits by a sales rep, something that of course lessened during the pandemic.

A Marketing Campaign to Match

In addition to needing to get the word out about the new Sanofi sites and the Conecta portal we created, Sanofi also needed general support on their marketing campaigns. As our work for the company evolved, we won the opportunity to oversee their marketing efforts. Originally on Adobe marketing cloud, Sanofi’s stakeholders decided to transition to Salesforce for their marketing and we helped them to accomplish that migration. Now, we help execute all their marketing campaigns within Latin America, from receiving the briefs to creating the campaign assets to delivering through the chosen communication channels.

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A Global Digital Partner for LATAM


Sanofi came to us looking for someone to help improve their offerings on Sitecore. As a result, we’ve developed into a full digital partner for the brand. We’re responsible for support, management, content and web analytics for their websites in Latam, including the Connecta portal which is one of their most popular sites in the region. We help execute all of their marketing within the region through an integrated Salesforce platform. And, through a 15-member team embedded directly into their organization, we will continue to foster a growing and evolving partnership over the years to come.


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