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Diversity & Inclusion

When it comes to fostering innovation, we believe a big part of that comes from our continuous commitment to attract, retain and support the strongest talents from all backgrounds, into our diverse culture

Two individuals in a professional setting, engaging in a discussion in front of a whiteboard covered with colorful sticky notes.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Valtech

The engine for innovation

Collaboration between people with a different background is at the core of our agile roots. It’s at the core of our connected agency with offices in 20+ different countries. 

Valtech is continuing to prioritise embracing diversity and fostering inclusion within everything we do. As one Valtech, we’re here to collaborate globally, and locally implement, ensuring we learn, grow and support each other in this nuanced journey. 

VT 5 pillars. Each pillar has a multicoloured circle. Hiring :We ensure our hiring process reaches many types of people through tailored and equitable measures. Accountability: We are accountable for this strategy, sharing data, successes and lessons learned. Inclusivity: We will continue to focus on creating inclusive environments for everyone, providing clear avenues to raise issues as needed. Community: We collaborate, bringing together everyone at Valtech for our common mission. Education: We prioritize education globally, specifically focusing on leadership

Our Diversity & Inclusion reports

As part of our accountability pillar, we’re sharing our diversity and inclusion reports with you. In these reports, we share all the data we have so far, our key initiatives for the year across our five pillar strategy and exciting Valtech case studies around the world.

Read Diversity & Inclusion reports here: 

What the data is telling us


All global hires in 2023 are women

We recognise data is more than binary gender & we’re working on capturing this kind of information globally.


On how Valtechies feel about diversity and inclusion overall in our employee engagement platform. We pulse employees every quarter to ensure we have a clear understanding of how they’re feeling. 


of Valtech entities increased their D&I maturity in '23, using our annual maturity index to measure progress and initiative roll-out. 

This index is completed by our People & Culture Leads, and drills into important areas such as engagement data, initiative roll-out, representation data and more. 

  • Two men discussing over documents at a table in a brightly lit office. One man is wearing glasses and holding a pencil.
  • Three individuals sit at a table in a busy indoor setting. On the left, a young man with medium brown skin and short black hair, wearing a white button-up shirt and denim jeans, smiles while looking towards his companions. In the center, a young woman with olive skin and wearing a light gray hijab and white blouse, appears engaged in conversation with the woman on the right. This older woman, who has short blonde hair and wears glasses, a black blazer, and black top, gestures with her hands as she speaks. The background shows the multi-level architecture of the mall with several other visitors visible
  • Portrait of a woman with a radiant smile, showcasing her light brown skin and a stylish undercut hairstyle with blonde highlights on top. She wears a colorful shirt adorned with bold floral and paisley patterns and is accessorized with hoop earrings, a nose ring, and a thin necklace. Her makeup includes well-defined eyebrows, eyeliner, and pink lipstick.
  • Three professionals collaborate at a wooden table, focused on a laptop. The woman on the left, with curly dark hair and a plaid shirt, gestures towards the screen, discussing a point. Next to her, a man with dark skin and wearing a dark blue shirt leans in to view the laptop, attentive to her explanation. On the right, another man in a light blue shirt also looks at the screen, involved in the conversation. The setting suggests a modern, informal office environment.

Ready, set, go

Prioritisation is key for any business strategy, and our diversity and inclusion strategy is no different. To make a consistent, measured approach possible, we have created frameworks for all of our regions to tailor and implement in the best way for their localities.

To this end, we have:

  • Created a bespoke Valtech D&I maturity index to help us all measure against the group strategy. This index asks a series of questions, which helps leaders gain points based on the level of initiative (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced). Based on this, we can all see what level we are, and more importantly, where and how we want to progress.

  • Set up a Global D&I Council comprising of employees from across the company, which meets bi-monthly to discuss specific topics related to our strategy and initiatives.

  • Embedded accountability within our business through clear and regular comms on what we’re doing, how we’re doing and what we’ve learned, through regular reports and global showcase events to our entire company.

  • Creating a more inclusive hiring process by rolling out a hiring matrix for our Talent teams to measure how we rate all potential Valtechies across competency-based questions, using data to understand who is/isn’t getting into our pipeline and rolling out interventions as needed.

  • Mandated training by default. This has been across our senior leadership on privilege awareness to ensure our decision-makers are aware of their role in creating inclusive environments for everyone, alongside embedding training across all hiring and interviewers on inclusive interviewer practices.

  • Embracing community through continuing to reach the next generation of women in tech through our global initiative Tech Girl.

  • Prioritising the growth of underrepresented talent by rolling out our Accelerating into Leadership programme which pairs underrepresented talent with senior leaders within their business vertical to aid constructive feedback, visibility and advocacy for their progression.

  • Holding ourselves to account with regular data reporting, embedding new systems to allow us regular “temperature checks” on how we’re doing on inclusiveness and belonging and creating metrics to define what success means to us.

  • Initiated a variety of local D&I initiatives to promote and increase awareness.

4 people in an office talking. The main focus is on a man with glasses and brown hair and a woman with red hair, smiling at a laptop

Through our 5 pillar strategy, we enable local and regional impact, recognising that diversity and inclusion is different across regions, countries and cities. Our goal is to make sustained and meaningful change, helping all of us mature, creating an impact that lasts and leaves things better than we found them. 

What’s next? 

Using our 5-pillar strategy, we will continue to develop and roll out meaningful initiatives that enable us to make a positive impact on embracing diversity and fostering inclusive environments across all of Valtech.

We will continue to update this page with our diversity, equity and inclusion reports, data and efforts.

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