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Global Platform-Relaunch for BMG Production Music

For the production music division of our long-standing partner BMG, we have developed an innovative DXP on which large amounts of data can be searched in a user-friendly and efficient way



BMG is the music subsidiary of Bertelsmann and one of the world's leading music companies. BMG represents the rights of artists such as The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, and David Bowie. The BMG Production Music (BMGPM) division also distributes "production music" globally, which is produced specifically for use in TV, film, radio, commercials, etc. BMGPM see themselves as "hidden hit makers" with over 300.000 tracks in all styles and of the highest quality.

Innovative Digital Experience Platform

Globally leading BMG Production Music is on course for digitization and growth and wanted to replace its heterogeneous, historically grown platform landscape with a central, customer-oriented, and contemporary Digital Experience Platform. 


Valtech analyzed the existing three platforms and took the version for the APAC region first. Since it had the least functionality, it would serve as a blueprint for an iterative launch process for other regions and eventually for the targeted global solution. 

From Research to Redesign

In the discovery and research phase, target groups and user journeys were first defined. During the subsequent redesign of UX and UI, the design and brand dimension also came into focus. Thus, in addition to the redevelopment of the platform's central search function and the relaunch of the surrounding website, a complete redesign of the BMGPM brand was also created. 

Many Target Groups, One Solution

In this way, the considerable complexity of the search was gradually transformed into a multimodal user experience. Due to the wide range of target groups - from occasional use to professional power usage - within the same application, sensitivity, creativity, and technical innovation were required here. 

Agile Set Up of the Project

As part of the agile project setup, a prototype was produced early on and linked to a test database. Weekly remote testing enabled the platform to be efficiently further developed and continuously optimized based on real usage feedback. 

From Headless to Holistic

The headless architecture of the DXP enables the connection of external services such as an AI-supported "Similar Search", which turns a refined search for the perfect track into a holistic digital experience for BMGPM's customers.

We wanted to find an independent, globally functioning solution that would appeal to both casual and power users. The whole thing also had to look good and be fun to use.

- Christian Kilian, Consultant Experience Design, Valtech Germany

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