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What to expect

Throughout our podcast series, we have touched upon the tremendous technological disruption financial services are undergoing and the urgency to modernize the banking experience to meet customers’ changing behaviors.  

Neobanks, the new generation of cutting-edge, fully digital banking services, are aiming to be more accessible than traditional banks while transforming the Financial Services industry. But how can banking services continue to work towards consumer-centric business models that meet their customers' needs? Today, we are joined by Anne Marie Kindberg, Chief Officer at Lunar, a fintech market starter focused on challenging traditional bank models, to discuss in great detail the challenges of turning a cutting-edge product into something profitable. 

In this 32-minute podcast, we will look at the current industry trends that are making the most significant impact and the ins and outs of revolutionizing the banking experience in an all-digital way. Listen to learn more. 

Anne Marie Kindberg

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