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Re-Platforming a B2B Portal in Five Months

Seizing a new opportunity left Dynapac with a short time frame

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Get to Know Dynapac


Founded in 1934, Dynapac is a multinational B2B engineering company. They produce a variety of machines in the compaction, paving and milling sectors, and deliver their products to customers all over the world.

After being acquired by Fayat Group, they were charged with needing to change their customer order portal in as little as six months without sacrificing business. To help meet these re-platforming needs, they turned to Valtech.

Big Goals, Small Window


In addition to the opportunities for upgrade presented by the acquisition, Dynapac was also facing the problem that their existing platform was becoming obsolete and only had roughly six more months of viable service. Because of the tight deadlines, Dynapac and Valtech decided to start with a clean slate instead of re-platforming. By doing this, we could focus on absolute needs for local sales organizations.

Before starting re-platforming, Dynapac had a vision of using digital to significantly increase their customer satisfaction and intimacy and drive their business. They knew that the new platform could help improve the customer journey. By integrating seamlessly with Dynapac’s multiple ERP’s, the platform would offer real-time pricing, stock and order information along with a smooth order and checkout experience.

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A Portal Into a New Process


As a B2B company with clients all over the world, regional functionality for local sales teams was crucial. This led to a platform where local sales organizations can manage and diversify their own commerce channel. In considering the needs of customers, we developed an installed base solution that enables customers to order spare parts that are directly related to their machine.

Another improvement for clients and the Dynapac organization was the introduction of real-time pricing. This led to fewer questions from customers about their order and thus less load on the Dynapac services organization.



The project had a tight deadline of six months. As a result of our collaboration with Dynapac, the project was completed in five months and remained under budget. Additionally, with the new platform, the back-office process became more efficient, leading to less load on the services organization.

“We chose Valtech because they work agile. Agile/scrum is a methodology that we knew we needed to be able to meet the tight deadline and budget we were facing while coping with existing uncertainties. We especially appreciated the frequent releases, the clear communication lines and insights that were provided on a weekly basis. We created a rhythm together, continuously steering the project in the right direction.” — Freddy Lessmeister
Vice President Aftermarket Logistics at Dynapac

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