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A Customer-First Commerce Solution Improves Conversion

Vanderlande’s New Commerce Solution Exemplifies Contemporary B2B



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Vanderlande spare parts

Get to Know Vanderlande


Vanderlande originated as a Dutch family business that was founded in 1949 and has grown into an international company with 7,500 employees and a consistently increasing turnover of €1.8 billion. the global market leader for future-proof logistic process automation at airports.

The company is also a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses and in the parcel market. Vanderlande’s baggage handling systems can move over 4 billion pieces of baggage around the world per year. Its systems are active in more than 600 airports including 12 of the world’s top 20. When they wanted help with the digital store supporting their spare-parts offerings, they turned to Valtech.

Vanderlande Spare Parts website on a laptop

Delivering a Customer-First Solution


Vanderlande offers a broad range of spare parts-related services to satisfy all its customer needs. To make it easy to identify and order each item required, a webshop was introduced in 2015. After a few years, Vanderlande saw potential to further accelerate its spare parts business growth and decided to implement Intershop as their commerce backbone, supported by Valtech as their implementation partner.

The goal was to connect customers all over the world and provide them with a future-proof platform that gives insights and more into their own installed base. The spare parts platform offers customers approximately 200,000 different items from both Vanderlande and its suppliers. This means that all spare parts are available digitally.

View of a man browsing a Vanderlande Spare Parts page



With so many parts in their catalogue and many of the parts having specific fitment requirements, it had become difficult for customers to find exactly what they needed for their specific setup. The previous shop had been designed to meet Vanderlande’s needs instead of the customers’.

Since the update, the platform offers the possibility to show customers only those items that are actually in their own system. The installed base, also called My Fleet Functionality, provides a lot of convenience for customers, and leads to higher conversions.

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