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Opening Communications and Changing Sales Processes



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Get to Know Cipatex


Founded in Cerquilho, São Paulo in 1964, Cipatex began its activities in the manufacturing of synthetic laminates. Within roughly 20 years, Cipatex had become a group of companies with more than 100,000 square meters of production area in the plastics, chemicals, adhesives and nonwoven sector.

Working in diverse segments of the global market (footwear, purses and accessories, domestic utilities, construction, furniture, dressing rooms, etc) Cipatex creates a wide range of products to meet multiple needs. With innovation as one of its trademarks, Cipatex had the challenge of improving the management of the sales department. Valtech was happy to help.

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Improving Communication to Improve Results


Cipatex needed a change in its processes to better manage its business and improve customer service. The initial process was slow and disjointed, “The teams collect the orders following a set of process flows and carry out all the necessary validations for production and invoicing,” according to Renato Bafi, information technology manager at Cipatex.

Additionally, Cipatex employees and sales staff were all reliant on WhatsApp for internal communication. While WhatsApp is a great communication platform, it couldn’t meet the numerous CRM and sales fulfillment needs of a large company. To enhance the overall process, we knew we needed to improve lines of communication while giving Cipatex a single source of truth and data. Sales Cloud, Partner Community and Tableau CRM solutions were chosen as the best way forward.

A Problem with Silos

With Cipatex creating products for all of Brazil, they have sales reps all over the country interfacing with clients. Given that these sales reps were exclusively communicating with the company through WhatsApp, sales reps were unable to call up crucial data like prior sales or deals the customers had been granted, crucial order information, or other insights to help improve outcomes. The sales reps out making in person sales calls were working in a siloed fashion away from the employees needed to input and fulfill orders. These silos added time, slowing down the order fulfillment process, and provided painstaking hurdles to overcome in the event an order was input incorrectly through simple human error. Leaving a highly innovative company without the ability to work in a complete agile and innovative fashion.

Success Through Unification

The implementation of Salesforce came with a very welcome addition of the Chatter social network. Perfectly integrated into the rest of Salesforce, Chatter allowed Cipatex to transition away from WhatsApp and unto a platform that allowed for immediate communication supported by all the customer data stored in Salesforce. This not only created a new line of communication but streamlined the order process making it faster and more accurate while still giving employees flexibility. Given that the process is now completely digital and mobile, mistakes caused by human error are immediately fixable, cutting the time between order placement and fulfillment and leading to happier customers. It also means the field sales staff and the rest of the customer service system within Cipatex are no longer working in silos.

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Salesforce does more than giving Cipatex the ability to open up communication and break down silos. It also allows for improved customer segmentation, increased data insights for better future planning, and even the ability to group their own specialists together for improved content creation and strategic planning. For example, now that all this information is housed in one place, accessible by everyone in the company, it’s easier to gather all the footwear experts into one meeting to go over the data and to create marketing content and/or to plan out sales and promotions based on Cipatex’s first-party data.

Cipatex has already seen several gains related to the alignment and optimization of the sales process. Given the improvements to the sales process, and this access to crucial customer data gained by Salesforce, Cipatex is already planning for future actions including implementing other initiatives to improve the consumer experience, expanding the use of services to all areas that have some type of relationship with the customer.

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