Mexican Football Federation

A Marketing Campaign Leading FMF to the World Cup

New Fan Engagement Opens Doors for The Mexican Football Federation

A Marketing Campaign Leading FMF to the World Cup



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Get to Know the Mexican Football Federation

Professional sports are such a power throughout the world that a lot of people don’t stop to think about what goes into the creation and distribution of live sporting events. And given that sports are such a universal focus, the marketing needs of established clubs are often less considered.

The Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación is the governing body of association football in Mexico. It administers the Mexico national team, the Liga MX and all affiliated amateur sectors, and controls promoting, organizing, directing, expanding and supervising competitive football in Mexico. When they wanted to upgrade their marketing capabilities, they turned to Valtech for help.

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Outsourcing Social Media, Losing Data

Like a lot of companies, FMF was outsourcing its social media needs. They worked with different social media agencies to share communications across channels like a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Stadium and sponsors. This way of working created a big social community with 10 million followers but didn't allow for more advanced and personalized marketing opportunities.

With a social media strategy primarily focused on running contests on Facebook and Instagram, FMF was left unable to capture enough data to create truly innovative and highly personalized marketing campaigns. They needed a better way to deliver their communications to their audience, grow their audience, and capture data to improve personalization.

Personalization Requires First-Party Data

Personalization Requires First-Party Data

To meet their needs, Valtech developed an app, Mi Selección MX, to serve as a single source of truth for end users and help in the creation of a more comprehensive fan database. Through the app, we’ve been able to deliver contests, important communications from the team, ticket sales, surveys pre- and post-game, and much more. Through these communications, we have also been able to capture data on fans’ favorite teams, players, and even past events they’ve attended at local stadiums, allowing for even more detailed and personal direct and email marketing for the audience, which in turn keeps them using the app.

Integrations Increasing Interaction Between Team and Fans

Integrations Increasing Interaction Between Team and Fans

With the entire project being based in Salesforce, we were able to take advantage of the platforms many add-ons to bring an increased value. Because it was important for the team to have more visibility on what was being said about them on social media, we made use of Social Studio to realize many social listening options. Social Studio does a great job of collecting mentions before and after matches from fans, sports media and even sponsors and collects that information in one place accessible by the team. This facilitates the team’s ability to respond more directly or to better direct future marketing opportunities based on what’s being discussed about them.


A Personalized Journey to the World Cup

Integration of Salesforce, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud are the most important aspects of Mi Selección MX. Marketing Cloud is used to help us send match information, newsletters and contest results, while landing pages are used for obtaining information and sending surveys after the match.

The goal was to reach a new 200,000 fans through the app, and after only a couple months, we’ve already hit 80,000 and counting. And the team is able to capture data including information like favorite player, region (MC / USA), ticket access, interactions (for example contests the user has participated in previously), mobile and app information and more. With this data, FMF has created many audience possibilities while creating campaigns on the road to the 2022 Qatar World Cup with all Soccer Mexico Team Sponsors. And as FMF’s marketing capabilities continue to expand in the future, what they’re capable of doing with their marketing will likewise keep growing.

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