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Bringing digital transformation to the healthcare industry in Argentina

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Get to Know Omint


Omint is a Health Group based in Argentina which provides a wide variety of services and medical assistance to its clients. Omint is one of the top five private companies in Argentina that provide access to healthcare through health plans and life insurance. Omint´s Group also has different hospitals in Buenos Aires.

Omint is in a digital transformation process with one objective being offering users the possibility of signup and access to online services without the need of going to physical offices. They’re also hoping to improve customer satisfaction and to increasing loyalty. To accomplish these goals, they turned to Valtech for help.  

Shifting From Physical to Digital


For a lot of people in Argentina, the options for healthcare extend to the public options (provided by the government), insurance provided through an employer, or private options like Omint. For this reason, the people most likely to make use of Omint’s service are independent contractors or companies insuring their employees. One benefit of getting insurance through an employer is that there’s usually someone there to answer questions about the coverage offered. Getting that same information when you’re shopping for insurance alone can be difficult. 

Historically, most of Omint’s sales and management process has been managed though manual tasks, with little interaction that allowed the company to be more efficient with data. Therefore, it was crucial for them to optimize and digitize their processes with software solutions that vary from being able to offer sales services to self-management for members. 

Increasing Sales…

Omint needed a way for new customers to sign up for their services online. The process was slow and required too much in-person work previously. Additionally, Omint also needed this platform to manage marketing campaigns, reaching more people with the goal of increasing sales. The platform we designed offers more than just a digital space in which to sign up for Omint’s services. It also creates a new sales flow to both, making signing up easier as well as to direct the user towards the services and plans that best suit them. The platform also accepts multiple forms of payment for the selected plan, hitting one of Omint’s key requirements for the transformation. At the end, the new member will receive an email with all their membership data and will soon be able to have the credentials to log in to the self-management platform. 

… And Retaining Customers

The self-management platform was the other piece of this transformation project. Functioning a lot like a patient portal, the Digital Care Platform (Plataforma de Atención Digital or PAD) offers Omint members and their families the possibility of accessing multiple services according to their plan, ranging from updating personal data, consulting their digital ID, to managing authorizations of medical practices, medicine deliveries, reimbursements, assigning doctors to each of the members of the family group and making medical appointments with doctors online. This platform is also available on Android and iOS applications, with all the available functionalities. PAD also offers the ability to schedule needed doctor and diagnostics appointments and will show the available providers in the member’s area while highlighting the providers who are part of the Omint network, thereby building even more customer loyalty.


Digital transformation in the healthcare industry


Thanks to the implementation of the different products that we have developed with Omint, they have seen a considerable increase in the number of online visits and subsequent sales online in health plans, in addition to being able to reach a greater range of potential customers. On the PAD, the number of online medical procedures and consultations by members has increased, making it less necessary for members to go to doctors offices when a visit wasn’t needed, which presented a great benefit during the Covid pandemic. Additionally, they have received reports of increased efficiency of the company's business processes, which have been digitized to optimize the manual work of users.

In 2021, the PAD self-management portal was used by more than 130,000 associates, between the web and app channels, where more than 5 million transactions/interactions were carried out. During the same period, more than 15,000 monthly patients accessed the online attention from a doctor using Omint Medico OnLine, and more than 30,000 COVID patients were assisted through the platform since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Additionally, between 2020 and 2021 Omint sold more than 13,000 new plans per year exclusively using OMINT DIGITAL (representing approximately 30% of all their sales). 

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