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How MobilePay captured the market

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What to expect

How MobilePay is setting the standard for innovation in mobile banking 

In today’s cashless society, retail banks have to innovate to meet ever-evolving customer needs. When mobile banking became the new standard, Danske Bank decided to launch an experiment to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market... welcome to MobilePay. 

What Is MobilePay? 

MobilePay is a mobile payment wallet used for making payments electronically. Initially developed as a peer-to-peer payment app, users can now complete transactions in around 200,000 stores and webshops in Denmark and Finland.  

In today’s conversation, we hear from Claus Bunkenborg, CEO of MobilePay, about how the company succeeded in establishing itself as the leading peer-to-peer payment service in the Nordics, leveraging a product used by 98% of the Danish population. 

This 31-minute podcast delves into the challenges of revolutionizing mobile banking and discuss what it takes to provide true value for customers by focusing on delivering extreme simplicity. Listen to learn more. 

Claus Bunkenborg

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