Financial Haptic Interaction Cubes

Networked, rubberized cubes that retrieve portfolio information and display them alongside playful and helpful graphics.

Financial Haptic Interaction Cubes



  • Financial Services


  • CX Strategy


In order to achieve certain goals in life, you may have to save money for years and use different financing plans and investment funds. However, not all private savers are people of numbers or are interested in the details of their portfolio.
With the Interactive Cubes, Valtech would like to develop a concept that enables customers to have a playful overview of their financial planning and to manage it haptically.


The rubberized cubes in a handy size are networked via app and WLAN and retrieves the linked portfolio information by artificial intelligence. Relevant information is converted into moving graphics such as a tree or a racing car in the coloured display. This simple visualization allows investors to see at a glance, for example, how their retirement provision is growing or whether their equity funds are moving at a fast pace. The display can be changed by moving the cube. On demand, the Haptic Cubes can also show more details about the respective investment or organizational elements such as the calendar. They also react to the user via voice or chatbots.

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