Canada’s Leading Furniture Retailer Goes Headless

Structube’s Ongoing Digital Transformation Meets MACH

Canada’s Leading Furniture Retailer Goes Headless



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Get to Know Structube

Founded in 1974, Structube is a specialty furniture retailer headquartered in Montreal. Over the years, this family business has evolved into a thriving retail operation. With over 70 retail locations and 650 employees, Structube is now the leading retailer of contemporary and modern home furniture in Canada.

Having invested in e-commerce since 2015, the next step in Structube’s digital transformation was to move to a MACH-inspired architecture and fully embrace a headless site. To accomplish this transition, they turned to Valtech for help.


Off With Their Head

Structube recognized the benefits of a headless site early on as it allowed them to make substantive updates to their site without major changes. Structube wanted to keep the look and feel of their award-winning website but upgrade the experience with:

  • Faster loading speeds
  • Native app experience
  • Offline navigation

They made this shift on the heels of an ERP upgrade for their commerce warehouse and retail locations. Additionally, the headless conversion has allowed Structube to improve their already impressive content offerings. Years of new content approaches, including inspiration sections that have content linking back dynamically to product pages, shoppable videos, and room tours to inspire shoppers, have aided Structube’s digital journey. Now with their new headless site, they have also optimized their content for speedy loading, improving both overall SEO and the site’s accessibility score.



Structube’s new headless site went live in 2021 and the results from the rollout have been impressive:

  • 38% increase in pages viewed per session
  • Page load time has improved from 7.2 seconds to 1.2 seconds
  • 35% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 13% increase in desktop conversion rate

A strong omnichannel approach requires strong content, and Structube’s Design Thinking structure lends itself to that seamlessly, and the site speed improvements gained from the headless transformation works together with the company’s exceptional content structure. Faster online experiences mean more sales, and a headless site is the fastest option on the market. The project is a crucial step on the path to a full MACH architecture, and Valtech is excited to continue this journey with the great team at Structube.


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