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We often talk of the vital impact and importance of the customer experience within retail, but for luxury retail in particular, the customer experience is more complex. Steeped in heritage, it’s an industry that has historically relied on 1-1 relationships, first name terms and in-store sales. How then does the industry keep pace with the digital age?

Topics: Luxury Retail, Digital Luxury, Customer Experience, Connected Experiences

One in which consumer demands are forever changed. How can the experience extend beyond the purchase, and what does the future really look like for those luxury brands seeking relevancy with their changing target audience?

In this podcast, we’ll have front row seats to a conversation between 2 industry experts. Valtech’s EVP Retail,  Jean-christophe Hermann whose career has included roles such as EVP for Strategy and Digital Commerce at Tommy Hilfiger and Group Digital & e-Commerce director for European giant grocery retailer Carrefour. And Isabelle Aguerre, founder of Lux in Vivo, her consulting firm focused on customer centric, digital and sustainability transformations in the luxury industry. Her previous corporate career includes roles as Global Director of Client Strategy for Chanel, Global Director of Strategic Marketing and ecommerce for Balenciaga, and US director of strategic planning and CRM for Cartier.

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Jean-christophe Hermann
Isabelle Aguerre


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