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  • Company: Alcon
  • Theme: Harnessing Digital Opportunities
  • Name & Title: Damir Petrinic, Head of Digital Nordics
  • Topics: Digital Transformation, Lighthouse- and Pilot Projects, User Journeys, Working Agile, Using Data, Best Test Markets, Digital Implementation Roadmap

Trial and error

Balancing costs and the expected added value, while also balancing when to cut your losses and when to provide more time for your pilot to succeed, are all parts of Alcon’s learnings from their ongoing digital transformation.

Using lighthouse projects and testing them in the Nordics, is a big part of their strategy to harness the digital opportunities and in the end provide their customers with more personalized and integrated experiences. How do they do it and why? Get all the insights in the podcast.

"I believe digital technologies and data science have incredible potential to unlock the next chapter in the industry and believe that the successful companies will be the ones that view this transformation, rather as an opportunity than a challenge."

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