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  • Company: Wonderful Copenhagen
  • Theme: Promoting Tourism during a Pandemic
  • Name & Title: Tine Kastrup-Misir, Director of Communication
  • Topics: Sustainability, Over-tourism, Tourism under lockdown, Purpose-driven travels, Digital enablement, Local involvement and satisfaction

Sustainable Tourism before and after the Pandemic

Imagine your audience disappearing and your entire product being at risk... While Wonderful Copenhagen were getting ready to tackle the over-tourism experienced in 2019 in the centre of Copenhagen, COVID19 and global lockdowns occurred and they ended up spending 2020 driving local tourism to keep their product alive.

Luckily, Tine Kastrup-Misir believes people will re-enter the world with a more purpose-driven and sustainable way of travelling. With Copenhagen aspiring towards being carbon neutral in 2025, Wonderful Copenhagen have developed an app called Planet Copenhagen which both supports that ambition as well as the expected change towards purpose-driven travelling. 
Get all the insights, including how the app is supposed to inspire tourists when visiting and when they return home, in the podcast.

"The main objectives for this project was both to help visitors act more environmentally sustainable during their stay in Copenhagen, but also when they return home. We would like to encourage visitors to to share their learnings and experiences from visiting in Copenhagen."

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