The Next Frontier of Digital Healthcare

Upgrading healthcare systems and building trust in a digitally-driven world.

17 pages

20 min to read

This guide is for people working in health systems that want to continue on the path toward more clear and convenient consumer experiences. Whether you are just starting out with data unification, already have strategies and tools like telehealth in place, or are looking ahead and exploring cutting-edge areas for innovation, let these insights from Valtech's health experts guide your reflection.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the healthcare industry’s path towards digital transformation. Across North America, hospitals and health systems are looking to upgrade their digital infrastructure while building trust in a digitally-driven world. 

In this report: 

  • Connected and protected data: the main component for digital transformation in healthcare. 
  • Inspiration from fellow hospitals and the retail world (with a fresh take!).
  • What comes next? From chatbots to natural learning processing, these developing technologies and ways of working will keep you at the cutting edge of impactful consumer experiences.