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  • Company: Novo Nordisk
  • Theme: Life Changing Digital Transformation
  • Name & Title: Marta Søborg Nowotarska, Senior Multichannel Customer Engagement Manager
  • Topics: From B2B to B2C, Innovation and Experimentation, Working Agile, Direct User Involvement and Organizational Change

Changing Lives

When your customers make up almost half the world’s diabetics, how you choose to engage with them is crucial. Novo Nordisk has been on an extensive digital transformation journey, and part of this has meant moving from a purely B2B business, to adding a B2C approach, engaging directly with patients through digital means.

Marta Nowotarska has been at the heart of this transformation, and joins the podcast to explain how Novo Nordisk managed to provide the necessary space for small experimentation, on the journey to get closer to the customer and provide the simple yet life changing solutions they now have for their customers.

"I think that what brought me and the team most value, is that we allowed ourselves to speak to the end customer in matters that are unrelated to the specific project."


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