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Get to know Levi's


The world-renowned American clothing company Levi's opened its retail doors in 1853 in San Francisco and has since then been coveted by people from all walks of life.

Since Levi’s patented the original blue jean in 1873, wearing denim has been about making it your own. Whether that meant repairing the wear and tear from working in the gold fields, sitting in the bath for that true shrink-to-fit experience or adding custom cuts, pins or patches to get that one-of-a-kind look, alterations have always been part of the Levi’s® experience. Now Levi’s has launched its ‘Tailor Shops’ worldwide in Times Square, NYC, SoHo Shanghai, and Milan, offering local customisation on a global scale.

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Inspire and educate


Levi’s came to Valtech looking to create in-store digital experiences that would inspire, educate and convert shoppers with their new ‘Tailor Shop’ offering. The vision was to curate unique, localised offerings and to create a tool that would enable store tailors to provide a better customer experience, across languages, content and product resources.

When we think of creating Connected Experiences, we are always looking for ways to remove friction from an experience, to make the customer journey completely seamless and to thoughtfully guide customers from inspiration to purchase. By combining digital with physical spaces, we unlock the brand potential from both directions – physically immersing our customers into a space that we can tailor to live and breath the brand, whilst giving them all of the digital tools to make the experience multidimensional, simple, smart and memorable.

An international in-store, interactive digital experience

We created an international in-store, interactive digital experience that stripped everything back to the basics. We wanted to unleash the creative potential of Levi’s garments and develop an experience that would elicit emotion at every touchpoint.

Interface identity

The Tailor Shop iPad application oozes craft; it feels worn, it feels creative and inspiring. The garments are front and centre, allowing the custom designs to tell the story of self expression. Exploration of magnified details allows guests to appreciate the personalised touches along with the intricacies of Levi’s fit, fabric, and finish.

The results


We rolled out the first MVP phase of the digital experience in time for the holidays at Levi’s Times Square flagship store, and have since added in additional features and store locations including Shanghai and Milan.

This beautifully customised digital experience blurs the lines between the digital and physical world, giving customers the finer details that inspired the full range of localised tailoring options. As time goes by, we’re testing and designing new features of our own, making sure that this personalised delivery keeps the experience frictionless, and the denim timeless.

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