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In the Palm of Everyone's Hand

Having only been available on the web previously,  Cabonline now sits in the palm of everyone’s hands on every device. Changes in technology have allowed the service to be available to even the most mobile customers.

The app gives users access to new features, in particular to fixed prices throughout the country. You can see the reservation status, the time to calculate your trip, view your favourite destinations, determine your location and choose the type of car you want. Every combination is possible. Additionally, you can send messages directly to your booked driver.

With the user in mind we, together with Cabonline, focused on service, efficiency and cutting edge technology. Some taxi companies have also developed their own customised variants of the Cabonline app, for example TaxiKurir and Taxi 020. The result has driven tremendous interest and a unanimously positive response from users. The ability to book taxis with full control over all travel variables has clearly addressed the needs of taxi customers throughout Sweden .

Cabonline offers a new, smart and secure way to book and pay for a taxi. It works with established taxi companies Taxi 020 and TaxiKurir, and, as a result the service is available throughout Sweden.

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