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How Digital Evolves across Brands and Platforms

The world's second-largest brewery in a digital transformation that meets diverse worldwide needs



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Get to Know Heineken


Netherlands-based Heineken is the second largest beer brewery in the world, with over 165 breweries in more than 70 countries. Over the years, product offerings have expanded to include the original Heineken along with more than 250 international brands, craft and variety beers, and ciders.

Due to its international presence and expanded lines, the brewer had multifaceted goals. Heineken asked Valtech for help developing a variety of cross-functional platforms that would shape the customer journey as it evolves over time, support local operations, and meet consumer requirements.

Business Transformation

Valtech had been working with Heineken since 2010 with the design of their corporate site. We continued working on various projects, ultimately embarking on a complete digital transformation.

A Lasting Partnership Continues

Heineken already knew the importance of a strong digital presence and they knew exactly which channels they needed to target. Valtech’s role was to help make that happen effectively across brands, both locally and around the globe.

Engaging the Digital Arena


Valtech developed a series of platforms, each targeting different audience segments within Heineken’s distinctive target groups, including international as well as specific operational companies. The B2B and B2C branding and eCommerce platforms give visitors an opportunity to obtain information, engage with the brand, or make purchases, depending on their needs.

Digital wasn’t just about launching yet another B2C platform. “It’s a mindset of continuously evolving your digital presence,” as Pascal Lagarde, Digital Director of eCommerce at Valtech Netherlands puts it. “Adjusting, adapting, tweaking. The moment digital KPIs became an integral part of the way Heineken ran Business Units, digital transformation was on a roll.”

Supporting Business Innovation


Heineken is a worldwide leader in supporting spinoffs and new business incubators (in keeping with the rise of craft beer and direct delivery of beer) as they continue to develop their online presence. "Launch fast, test, and improve as we expand" is the philosophy behind these new ventures.

An agile approach is fundamental to the success of business ventures that rely on flawless digital platforms. Take Beerwulf for example. Beerwulf’s ambitions were steep: to build the biggest and best beer platform in Europe, and to introduce a growing choice of special beers to as many people as possible. The site was launched in three months and has seen rapid month over month revenue growth in the months since.

Supporting business transformation

A Golden Collaboration


In 2018, Beerwulf and Valtech were crowned with a golden Dutch Interactive Award in the e-commerce category. The Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) are the prizes for the best interactive online work of Dutch agencies.

What the jury had to say:

The site for specialty beers went from 400 orders per week last year, to 400 order per hour now. That is impressive. The speed of both development of the site as the growth in revenue is impressive as well. A good choice to work with an external party at the beginning and start recruiting “your own” people later on. With investor Heineken, Beerwulf operates strongly on uncharted territory, with remarkable growth figures.

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