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Philips Healthcare Compressed Sense

How do you create a successful, appealing campaign for a highly specific target group and a niche product? Our secret: by employing a healthy dose of empathy.



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Get to Know Philips Compressed SENSE


Although Philips doesn’t need any introduction, that’s not the case for its Compressed SENSE healthcare product. Imagine upgrading your computer and finding it works up to 50% faster than before. How much time and frustration would that save you every day? This is exactly what compressed SENSE does, but with MRI scans. Philips’ groundbreaking acceleration technology provides laboratory technicians and radiologists with faster scans. This saves them time, time they can use to perform additional scans at the same image quality, take scans at a higher (and so sharper) “spatial” resolution, or spend with patients. And, not unimportantly, it reduces the workload on radiologists. Something else they can also use.


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Better Health for Patients and Doctors

Philips Compressed SENSE

The underlying insight – that radiologists are incredibly busy – isn’t just borne out by the fact that  almost 50% of radiologists suffer a burnout at some point in their careers. It also became apparent more than once in conversations our colleagues had with the target group. Saving time and reducing pressure at work is not just a nice side effect, it’s crucial for many radiologists. This insight provided the central approach for the campaign to raise awareness of Compressed SENSE. The target audience was a select group of radiologists and radiology department heads in the United States who were known to have a Philips MRI scanner in their hospital or practice on which Compressed SENSE could be installed.
The campaign faced some specific challenges. One was that the communicative focus lay primarily on the Compressed SENSE product and its innovations, while the fact that the target group consisted of existing customers also raised questions. And the relatively long sales cycle for complex software such as Compressed SENSE made the campaign more difficult to measure.

Working with Valtech on this campaign made us think outside the box. Their data driven approach AND keeping the end customer in mind in everything we developed made this campaign a success.

Melissa Ferwerda Opdam – Sr. Digital Marketing Manager Philips

The Secret Ingredient

Philips Compressed SENSE

The key to a successful campaign is to talk with your target group rather than at it. This in turn makes it essential to talk with your audience at the outset of any project. Simply having a coffee together, old school, and discussing what energises them, what doesn’t and what they could use help with is so valuable. Big data, graphs and tables simply cannot compete.
So this was exactly the approach we took for the campaign. With the insights from our various conversations in mind, our multidisciplinary team began working closely with Philips to create commercials, animations, social posts and landing pages. We presented these in phases to the target group.
And before we launched the content we ran a final validation of it with the target group. This was indispensable, because it enabled us to be sure that the content worked and that we hadn’t dropped any radiological clangers. Once everything was okay, the campaign went live. And then it was time to wait for the first results to come in.

The Campaign in Figures: Retargeting Works

Philips Compressed SENSE

Come in they did. And they were more than positive. The campaign delivered dozens of leads at a relatively low cost. The engagement on the landing pages was high, mainly due to having content that was fully focused on communicating the benefits of using Compressed SENSE, and the inclusion of ‘soft CTAs’, such as requesting an ROI calculation, also had a positive impact on the results. Minor changes with a major impact.
But perhaps the best and most interesting insight we gained was how successfully retargeting worked within the campaign. On Linkedin, we addressed a part of the target group in three successive phases. The data shows that the conversion rate among the retargeted group was considerably higher than that of other target groups, namely 15.56% compared with 9.38% (a difference of 6.18%). The cost of leads generated from retargeted groups was also considerably lower than that from other groups – at least 10 times less in the final phase. 
We continuously adjusted and optimised the campaign the entire time it was live. This meant we could know for sure that the content was aligned with the behaviour of the target group and undoubtedly contributed to the positive results of the campaign.

The Future

Philips Compressed SENSE

‘Innovation & You’ & Valtech

The results are clear: taking an empathetic, emotional approach works. In fact, it works so well that we will soon roll out the campaign worldwide. And that’s not all. Other teams within Valtech are also working hard on projects with Philips. We don't want to give too much away, but are you a fan of conversational interfaces? If so, keep an eye on our cases...

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