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  • Company: Valtech
  • Theme: Environmentally Sustainable Websites
  • Name & Title: Tim Benniks, Director of Web-Development
  • Topics: Digital's Carbon Footprint, Green Development Choices and Options, Sustainable Shortcuts, Optimised User Experiences, MACH/Composable Architecture

Going Digitally Green

Did you know that the carbon emissions from our internet usage globally, is directly comparable to those of the airline industry?

Tim Benniks provides insights not only to the problem, but to the solutions. From better design and UX to more informed decisions on choice of platform - get inspired and let him guide you on to a greener digital path.

"We also teach those brands to really keep in mind, accessibility and SEO are super important, because then it's much easier to find a product and buy it faster. But it's actually also great for sustainability."

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