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6 Talking Points to Prove You Attended Adobe Summit 2022

Trends 1-3 of Adobe Summit 2022


Did you miss the Adobe Summit? Don't panic! We’ve boiled down the multi-day event into 6 trends:


  1. Staking a claim in the Metaverse 
  2. Personalization at scale 
  3. Powering AI 
  4. Owning the Customer Data Platform (CDP) business 
  5. Boosting Content Velocity 
  6. Platform Evolution 

Trend #1: Staking a Claim in the Metaverse 

One of the key messages in the Summit keynote delivered by Shantanu Narayen, Adobe Systems CEO, was an affirmation that the Metaverse will blur the distinction between the digital and physical world. Adobe wants to be the vendor enabling that possibility.  

Iva Asche, VP Global DXP and Director of the Global Adobe Alliance at Valtech explains, “If you know Adobe, fueling immersive experiences is actually something they have been working on for years.” Asche references the acquisition of Substance, “with Adobe Substance, creators can shape 3D experiences without needing to write a single line of code.”  

Expert advice on how to prepare for the Metaverse: Start thinking about how to create 3D experiences and assets. Progressively create digital 3D versions of your products to avoid playing catch-up.  

Potential early adopters of the Metaverse: gaming, job training, education and remote meetings. 

Trend #2:  Personalization at scale 

No surprise here that personalization was woven throughout Summit. But rather than making the case for personalization, the focus was on how to do it at scale and with more sophistication. Instead of personalizing a banner based on a user’s geo-location, brands are working to show relevant content based on each step of the customer journey. It’s about analyzing that journey in real-time and activating the right message within milliseconds across all channels.  

What about user consent? With all the data available and needed for true personalization, questions about consent abound. During Summit, Adobe rolled out their partnership with the OneTrust, a platform to simplify consent management.  

  • Other partnership announcements included FedEx, Walmart and PayPal, among others.   

Trend #3:  Powering AI  

Almost all the product sneak peeks shown at Summit this year were based on artificial intelligence. The Demand Detector helps merchants display relevant products, while the size project includes invisible code on a webpage that can be scanned by a mobile device and then, with augmented reality, display a true-to-size version of the product (say a coffee mug) through the screen.   

Will any of these products see the light of day? The Adobe Community gets to vote. The most popular product will be released.  

Curious about the last 3 trends? Read on to find out about: 

- Owning the Customer Data Platform (CDP) business 

- Boosting Content Velocity 

- Platform Evolution 


Read the last three trends here. Want to hear directly from our experts? Listen to their lightning-fast overview of these 6 trends.


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