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Increase sales engagement and reduce costs in your business

B2B companies across all industries find the digital landscape changing around them. Older ways of working and team setups are no longer meeting the evolving needs of clients, and data continues to be more and more important with each passing year. The Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM is designed to take the stress out of B2B selling.  


Salesforce B2B Sales Cloud is designed to meet the challenges facing companies today while being flexible enough to also tackle the challenges of tomorrow. With a Salesforce Summit Partner like Valtech on hand to help you bring your CRM solution to life, you’ll be able to expertly track and manage customers, increase sales productivity and forecasting, break down any existing silos between sales and marketing while improving overall marketing ROI. All of that is on top of the benefits of Salesforce’s data solutions powered by AI. If you’re ready to learn what the partnership between Valtech and Salesforce can do for your B2B sales business, read on or contact our experts today. 

Valtech knows Salesforce B2B Sales Cloud

Valtech is a Summit Salesforce Consulting Partner with a long history of delivering solutions with all Salesforce products. Through our deep understanding of Salesforce, we’ve worked hard to find innovative solutions to the current and future problems facing B2B companies. The need to build a solution that not only improves sales performance but also is adaptable to the future challenges faced by your business is paramount.  

For years, Valtech has helped B2B companies improve their sales performance and efficiency With the right flexibility necessary to keep up with the changing customer needs. When you partner with Valtech for your Salesforce sales cloud projects, we’ll help you: 

  • Accelerate every stage of the customer buying journey using intelligent insights.

  • Increase sales rep productivity through automating daily tasks. 

  • Activate every sales channel through a single app, consolidating information in one place.

  • Get a real-time view into your team’s sales forecasts with updated forecast management capabilities.  

  • Global standards with local flexibility with our expertise on Regional and global rollouts for your sales. 

If your business is ready to see what Salesforce has to offer, contact us today! 

Future-proof sales solutions powered by AI

Salesforce Sales Cloud recently rolled out a new feature that makes use of AI to help businesses sell faster, smarter and more efficiently. This AI software, known as Einstein GPT for Sales, is the first of its kind and guides sellers to close, automates sales processes and builds relationships directly within your CRM.   

Through this innovative offering, Salesforce enables businesses to: 

  • Build strong relationships through warmer intros and clearer communication with decision makers. 

  • Quickly qualify and pass leads to reps from your website. 

  • Receive critical context from relevant sources across the web delivered directly into your CRM. 

  • Capture and sync sales info automatically. 

  • Forecast sales with confidence backed by data-based AI-predictions and explanations. 

A proven history of successful Salesforce Sales Cloud projects

At Valtech, we’re proud of the work we’ve done across industries implementing Salesforce solutions for our clients. Whether they’re looking to revolutionize the beauty industry or improve sales on premium fashion accessories, we’ve been able to help some of the top brands achieve impressive results with Salesforce.  



With a digital platform slowing down order fulfillment and marred by a lack of clear communication between crucial elements, BIC needed a new digital platform that would allow them to create a better experience for both their customers and employees. By migrating to Salesforce, BIC was able to bring updates to four crucial areas of their business: Sales Routine, Sales Orders, Business Development Funds and Trade Discount. While each program existed for a slightly different reason and required different functionality, the four offerings weren't properly integrated on their old platform. Through this migration to Salesforce Sales Cloud, BIC seized the opportunity to keep the functionality of each of their offerings while creating a more unified and integrated digital stack that could handle all the different orders and BIC’s global customer base. 



As a company with a focus on multiple different products from fashion to construction to furniture, Cipatex needed a way to unify information while still allowing the different segments of its business to operate independently. They also had a process of working in silos without much communication between departments. TO make matters worse, the communication that was happening took place on a strong communication platform that did nothing to integrate with their other systems. Through a migration to Sales Cloud, we were able to give Cipatex a single source of truth for all of the different areas of its business. Additionally, through the integration of Salesforce Chatter, we were able to help their employees break down silos and communicate more easily on a platform that featured secure access to all of the information they needed to do their jobs.  



Brink’s, a leading provider of secure logistics, cash management and payment solutions, saw their market contracting and knew they needed to make a change to ensure future growth. They wanted to make paying with cash as easy, safe and affordable as when using other payment methods. Not only for large retailers, but also for small businesses. To help meet these goals, Valtech developed a solution on Sales Cloud that was specifically geared towards increasing service levels throughout the entire organization, and we launched that solution for their major markets throughout Europe.  

Partnering with Valtech on Salesforce Sales Cloud B2B projects

Partnering with Valtech for your Salesforce integration means gaining a partner with expertise and proven success. Our history of working with B2B companies proves we’re well positioned to help businesses improve sales and meet future challenges, while our history of working across industries shows we know what it takes to get to know your brand no matter what products or services you sell.  

Through Salesforce automation you’ll be able to free your employees from the need to manually perform daily tasks. With employees free to perform high level tasks, you’ll be better positioned to spot the areas where your customer journey might benefit from a few changes, and make sure of the CRM’s flexibility to enact those changes quickly, improving ROI. And given the data-backed nature of the improvements, powered by AI, you can be sure that any changes will be made with your customers’ needs front of mind.  

No one should have to navigate through these changes alone. Contact us today so our Salesforce experts can help guide you on the best path forward.    

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