• 5 tips for idea generation in everyday life

    As User Experience Designers, coming up with ideas and new solutions is a big part of our job, whether it’s fine-tuning the details or coming up with new concepts. When we conduct workshops and idea generation sessions with and on behalf of others, using different methods is a matter of course for us. But what about when we want to generate ideas on our own or together with the colleague next to us?

    Teresia Schullstrom
    • Julia Davidsson
  • #talkofthetown


    As the 65th London Fashion Week hits the capital, we look back at which brands grabbed the Twitter limelight at the last #LFW in September '16

  • Valtech Store - a smart online experimental store!

    Valtech Store - a smart online experimental store!

    In our first blog post about the Valtech Store, we told you why we decided to convert a meeting room at our Stockholm offices into a store. Now it’s time to present the results of several months of hard work, a concept that touches on two fields we’re passionate about. First, how to create richer customer experiences using digital tools. Next, how we can set up data collection in the physical space.

  • Tech boosting well being in healthcare via the internet

    The forthcoming French Presidential elections are already stoking a fierce debate about the public healthcare system.Whatever argument we support, everyone agrees high quality healthcare is crucial. Meanwhile another debate is looming and cannot be ignored about the gradual development of new tech-based healthcare options that enhance patients’ everyday lives.

  • How to write content that converts?

    How to write content that converts?

    You have a mind-blowingly funky new website. You even did the content mapping and you’re absolutely convinced that your site offers just what your visitors want. From the tip of their toes. More than strawberry chocolate cake.There is only one problem. A rather big one: they are not converting. They’re not buying, they’re not signing up, they’re not contacting you. They’re not doing what you want them to do. Instead, they leave. Off to greener grasses.

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