• Connected mobility: the rise of digital technology in everything on the road

    When people talk about the Internet of Things, they often give Google’s autonomous car as an example. The expectation is that we will see self-driving cars on the road within five years. But the world of mobility is bigger than the autonomous vehicle. At Valtech, we work for various car, bicycle, energy and lease companies. And at all these companies, people have questions about digital transformation and mobility. It’s time for an update on connected mobility.

  • Why you cannot validate hypotheses with usability tests

    If you plan to conduct usability tests in order to validate your hypotheses, the best case scenario is that these tests go to waste. The worst case scenario is that you opt out of using great ideas.

    Daniel Hansson
  • The content mantra: authenticity, consistency and real contact

    We’ve been talking about storytelling, content marketing and influencer marketing for a while now in the online world. And fi-na-ly, it seems that the masses have come to understand their importance. At the recent Web Summit, in Lisbon, Portugal, for example, the sessions involving content were well-attended; the recurring themes: authenticity, consistency and real contact.

  • Why we built Valtech Store in Sweden

    Why we built Valtech Store in Sweden

    At Valtech Day on 29 September of this year, we opened our smart, online experimental store to the public. No, that doesn’t mean we changed industry and started selling gadgets. Don’t worry, Valtech is still Valtech, a team of digital explorers that pioneers new solutions in collaboration with its customers everyday. We should probably start at the beginning and explain why we built the Valtech Store at our office in Stockholm.

    Vanja Lagercrantz Videau
    • Katharina Borgenstierna
  • 3 reasons why you need a style guide for your digital content

    Often, we ask content creators to produce digital and social media assets for brands without giving them specific guidelines to follow in the form of a style guide. And yet style guides are an essential tool to help your content strategy be more consistent, more aligned and more agile.

  • eDay 2016: Valtech and Philips present case on how to use B2B marketing to engage healthcare professionals

    eDay 2016: Valtech and Philips present case on how to use B2B marketing to engage healthcare professionals

    Digital is changing the world of the healthcare professional radically thanks to connected devices, health apps, e-commerce and new (digital) patient demands. For health technology companies like Philips, these trends raise challenging questions: How can we truly engage with health care professionals? How can we empower them with the right digital tools and services?

  • When worlds collide: The luxury and digital sectors

    When worlds collide: The luxury and digital sectors

    One could think that the luxury sector, essentially timeless, and the digital industry, disruptive by nature, would be worlds apart. And yet these two ecosystems, embodying very different temporalities, are capable of interacting and creating exciting new trends. Valtech has been accompanying leading luxury brands for over 20 years. As a privileged witness of the digital revolution and an actor in these transformations, we take a look at this improbable encounter between the luxury and digital worlds.