• 538 and The Sound of Data

    538 and The Sound of Data

    The nature of media consumption is changing rapidly, and the choice today is huge. Something (Dutch) music entertainment brand 538 is also very aware of. We flit from source to source in search of our music and entertainment fix: radio, TV, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, internet radio. The moment determines what you log into for your beats.

  • Measuring the impact of Beta

    In digital transformation more often than not we iterate a service; however at certain times we have to launch something new. Normally this is when software changes (new CMS or major changes in coding practices) or when the service hasn’t been done before.

  • The Connected Traveler Experience

    Future Travel Experience Global 2017 is quickly approaching. With this year's theme of “Achieving personalization for the passenger of tomorrow,” Valtech will be on-site to demonstrate its latest thinking around personalization for connected travelers.

  • Chatbots, AI: when conversation becomes a service hub

    Chatbots, AI: when conversation becomes a service hub

    AI is a hot topic this year, and social media giants are already fighting nails and teeth to transform what could be tomorrow’s main service platform: our everyday conversations on messaging apps (whether it means chatting up your favorite local coffee brand or your best friends’ ‘soccer Sunday’ Whatsapp group). This is an exciting field and a major battleground for GAFA. If Amazon seems to have the lead with Alexa, the vocal assistant’s adoption curve still leaves room for other players and innovations to plug in.

  • The Future of Connected Cars

    The Future of Connected Cars

    The automotive industry is currently going through some major disruptions. Cars are rapidly becoming more and more connected, autonomous and electrified. The traditional revenue distribution between manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and service providers is being challenged. At the same time the OEMs and tier ones are investing heavily in these areas and the voices of CFOs are becoming louder, questioning the return on investments.

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