• #ValtechVoices: Meet Sujatha

    Valtech’s people are the best and brightest innovators in the world. They hail from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and industries, but are connected by a shared passion to make things better and to make better things.

  • Women pushing forward, one conversation at a time

    Despite the massive shift that occurred when women integrated the labour market almost 70 years ago, there are still many challenges faced by women in the workplace. The recent #MeToo and Time's up movements that have swept the globe  hint at a more widespread problem than previously thought.

  • Data Business Analysis and the Need for Digital Transformation

    Frank manages his data in excel. His process works smoothly if slowly. Today Frank received a typical monthly update from his data supplier, an excel file with 1,048,577 rows. The file won’t open in Excel and now Frank is stuck. Everything he knows to date revolves around this existing process, which has seemingly passed a threshold and is no longer viable.

  • Why is a diverse workforce a company win?

    In the run up to International Women’s Day (8th March) we’ll be featuring a short series of blog posts, first examining the business case for diversity and then looking at how some of our Valtech offices are taking practical steps to promote and support diversity in the industry.

  • The death of retail or a retail renaissance – which is it?

    The death of retail or a retail renaissance – which is it?

    Both property companies and retailers are reporting a crisis and the death of retail. Stores are being shut down or shrinking their footprints, and the traditional retail format with merchandise lined up on shelves is a dying breed.

    Funda Denizhan
    • Anna Smedslett
    • Gunnar Nordström
  • The power of a trusted brand

    With consumers increasingly suspicious of companies, politics and media, there is a growing need for reliable brands. Marketers who build their customer experience strategy around building trust will do well in 2018.

  • Here’s why 2018 will consecrate influencer marketing

    Here’s why 2018 will consecrate influencer marketing

    #FollowMeTo You all know #FollowMeTo, the photo phenomenon gone viral where a lady’s bare back precedes gorgeous landscapes. This buzz is the result of professional photographer and cineaste Murad Osmann who shot his girlfriend leading the way during their travels. The Hong Kong Tourist Office seized that opportunity by inviting the couple to take part in a campaign aimed at Russian travelers. The concept was used throughout the city and made a lot of positive impressions thanks to the cineaste’s reach.

  • 2018 Retail Report of Online Shoppers

    2018 Retail Report of Online Shoppers

    The retail industry is booming. New technology is emerging. Consumer behavior is evolving. So what changes should retailers anticipate over the next few years? Dive into our exclusive consumer data and insights to find out more.

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