Are you sure you know what makes your customers tick?

CRM and Campaign management Senior consultant and Business analyst

May 04, 2016

What’s trending today will be gone tomorrow. Make sure you’re not gone tomorrow.

Did you know that ninety percent of companies don’t know what their customers want most? As a result of that, they can’t relate to what their customers desire most. Make sure you don’t belong to this ninety percent by reading on.

Being relevant in marketing means that you know what your customers think. Your marketing and sales departments should therefore take serious note of your customer’s values and give the customer’s perspective the weight it deserves in the decisions you make.

You think you know - but you might be wrong

Many companies have no solid basis for their decisions on their marketing and sales messages, their channels and their timing. Although most business people believe they know precisely what their customer’s top buying criteria and preferences are, the majority are in the dark. Instead of serving their customers, they send irrelevant marketing messages because they offer what they think their prospects and customers prefer.

But what do your customers really prefer?

Today, customers are interacting across many devices like mobile phones, tablets, Internet televisions, car dashboards and countless other touch points. And, they expect sales and marketing messages to be personalized, relevant and in real time.

Customers want to connect with content from one screen to another screen in a continuous process, based on where they are and what they’re doing. They want to research and make purchases and get what they need in real time and share their interests with other people whenever they want.

They want to interact quickly and effectively, wherever they are.

Tip 1: Personalize

In order to reach these expectations, it is your duty to take the customer experience and the customer journey seriously. Every user action creates an experience. Every time your customer: downloads a video, clicks on a link in the email or an image on the website and navigate from one page to another, you, the marketer, has a “moment of truth”. The information these clicks give you, helps you avoid generic communications and messages and instead deliver a meaningful, personalized and relevant experience. At the same time, it maximizes the chance for marketing success.

Tip 2: optimize

Not only should you personalize to become more relevant: the customer experience also needs to be optimized to channel, device, locations, history, and preferences. The time between action and experience should be in real time as much as possible.

To sum it all up

In order to make your marketing and sales communication relevant, first you need to LISTEN to your customer. Everything you know helps you interpret intention and expectation. The next step is to PREDICT and consider which of your offers could meet customer expectations and intention. Lastly, you make sure you DELIVER the right message in a format that is adapted to their needs at the right time, and reflects the channel, device and environment that the consumer is expecting.

How marketing cloud solutions can help?

Adobe marketing cloud offers top-class cross-channel marketing that goes well beyond single or multi-channel marketing. It has high capabilities of delivering very personalized experience for each and every customer thanks to the feedback that is captured in the system. It is one of the best ways to learn much about your customers and deliver the relevant message and experience and thus winning customer engagement.

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