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Chatbot – The Next Level of Communication

Technical Lead-Data Analytics

March 22, 2018

Chatbot is clearly the next big thing in digital communication.

Try recollecting your last chat with a healthcare executive on a health portal, or chatting with a Facebook contact representing a company. Did you notice something unusual or not-so-human-feeling? Chances are you were chatting to a chatbot!

Well, if you still don’t know what a chatbot is, then, here is a simple explanation:

‘’A chatbot is a computer program which does conversations, just like humans, with the help of auditory or textual methods. Chatbot use machine learning and artificial intelligence. While some of the advanced chatbot also use sophisticated natural language processing systems, the simpler ones simply scan for keywords within the input, and then respond from a database, with the most similar keywords, or the most matching wording pattern”.

Ok, now that you have some idea of what a chatbot really does, let’s continue exploring more about its capabilities and where its future is?

Chatbot is clearly the next big thing in digital communication. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbot can get extremely intelligent and in fact, respond to a query, as accurate as a human. Chatbot are the future and they are here to stay.

With the increasing demand for messaging apps in the social media ecosystem, chatbots are helping the business increase their customer reach by responding to customer needs with good conversation speeds. This helps users get the desired information quickly and thereby enhances customer satisfaction.

Building an efficient bot ecosystem, however, is not as easy as it sounds. You have to make sure you have a huge knowledge base that can fetch most of the queries in real time, a smarter conversational flow, that doesn’t sound very robotic, and of course, complex algorithms that can teach a bot how to do all this – yes, the power of artificial intelligence and using natural language processing or NLP.

Let us look at some of the interesting things a chatbot can do:

  • Manage your finances
  • Chat with medically unstable patients and become their companion
  • Help you overcome a sleepless night, by simply getting into a conversation
  • Make a medical diagnoses faster
  • Help marketing team in lead generation and management

Businesses are increasingly adapting to this new technology. It is helping them scale their business, engage better with their customers, and, solve business problems faster. Chatbots are certainly creating a wave of an emerging technology that has no limits. So, are you with the wave already?

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