How to meet the User Needs for the New, Digital Era

Director, Digital Experiences

March 12, 2015

Digital provides great opportunities for those companies who are willing and able to adapt to constant change.

Consumers demand smarter tools, a better overview and more control, so when Post Danmark launched Mobilporto, it was the most natural extension of their product portfolio. They simply digitalized this service to meet user needs for the new, digital era.

Another example of digitalizing product services is MobilePay from Danske Bank, which has set a new standard and raised the bar for innovation and user-friendly utilities in Denmark. Despite the success of branded utilities, we still see companies who have not responded to this immediate change and are certain to lose market shares because of it. The return on ignoring (ROI) can be much larger than the return on investment in new product utilities and innovation.

Branded Utilities

In essence, branded utilities are about providing new digital tools and services to customers. Tools which will help, support and enable users to take control, gain insights and increase motivation. If applied correctly, such branded utilities will become a natural extension of people’s daily lives. You need innovative, clear thinking and creative people to come up with that one service, tool or utility which will answer all prayers. At the same time, branded utilities must also be anchored in the organization and core business, which is why the list of stakeholders can become quite extensive. In the end, this is all about providing better and more intelligent services to your target groups — with the purpose of extending the customer lifetime cycle and loyalty.

Find the answer within the very core of your business

You can do a lot on your own with a logical approach to customer service, customer demands and user needs. With this information at hand, you can easily conceptualize the basics of a new branded utility. But you need to allow innovation to grow within your company and to have the right people on the bus in order to truly come up with something valuable. Look inside your own organization, identify the core offerings and see how you can orchestrate an experience around that offering and provide even greater services to your customers. Find the match between what your company aims to achieve and what your customers demand from you. Which digital service could fit in that sweet spot and could potentially help customers become even more loyal? The bigger buy-in you can get from management, the greater your chances of succeeding.

Born in the world of measurability

Branded utilities can be many things other than mobile applications. But because most utilities are digital, the possibility of tracking, measuring and monitoring activity is very present. Most utilities in today’s world would be of very little value if they couldn’t be tracked with the purpose of optimizing performance and user experience over time. Usually, the insights you gain from measuring KPIs can also be forwarded as documentation that the investment was worthwhile.

When a branded utility tool works

A branded utility provides easy access to key information and insights. It simply enables users to do more with less effort, essentially because the tool works for them, not against them. Branded utility tools can limit one’s customer service calls because customers finally have what they need in their pocket. Branded utilities help customers, give them more control (or the sense of control) and add value to the core products within a logical context, which again extends customer motivation for engaging with your company.

Helpful to the customer building relations for the company

As mentioned, a branded utility tool strengthens the relationship between customer and company. If applied and launched correctly, it can spread like rings in the water and the viral reach can be beyond what paid media would ever be able to provide. If your customers accept and really use the branded utility, you are sure to have a long-lasting hook and a solid business model going forward. Helping is selling.

Addictive in the most positive way

The best, branded utility tools are the ones you can’t live without. Once introduced, the market will demand similar industries or companies to have at least the same or better. The best utilities will raise the bar for innovation and user-friendly interfaces, which bring added value to customers — and this will again set new standards in the marketplace. Being a first mover and innovator on such services is key and can prove to be a very profitable model. There are market shares to win – just go ahead!

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