Human Resources | Traditional to Digital Transformation

March 21, 2017

“Digital Transformation” has become the universal slogan in the current era.

Every company and every Industry is going through this transformation. The transformation amazes the manner people and organizations communicating across the World. If business models can use the improved technologies effectively for their strategic planning, then why should Human Resources be restricted to the traditional modes of engagement?

Application of Digital Technology in Branding, Talent acquisition, Learning & Development and Performance Management

Branding and Talent Acquisition should go hand in hand. Job seekers preferences have changed from traditional to digital channels for job search and they are highly receptive to employers available on Social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and mobile devices. Job seeker's embrace a mobile-friendly job application process. For instance, organizations just relying on the traditional mode of posting advertisements or jobs in the career websites would not suffice. Indeed employing social recruiting techniques in employer branding and recruitment campaigns would be interactive and attract the potential candidates.

Organizations are still relying on one-way communication channels, such as face to face classroom training and webinars for Learning and Development. Switching to digital learning tools, video, audio, and cloud-based training systems would be more interactive and current. Following these would encourage people to enhance their knowledge, upgrade their skill sets according to the market standards, and would increase their hiring chances. This would also help the companies retain their experienced employees and minimize the need to look elsewhere.

Digital HR Outcomes

  • Branding – Increased visibility
  • Recruitment - An attractive and effective way of talent hunt
  • Learning & Development – Interactive and entertained learning
  • Performance Assessment - Real-time insights and increased accuracy

Based on the above outcomes, the conclusion can be made that a Digital HR would provide more business value and deploy technologies to generate successful results.


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