Job Notification Add-On Upgraded to Latest

VP, Enterprise Platforms

January 13, 2019

Keeping up to date with Optimizely’s continuous release cycles can be challenging, especially when you’re a member of the add-on community. Even though it is my responsibility as the developer of a range of public Optimizely add-ons, it often tends to get deprioritized over other professional duties.

With that challenge in mind – I am right now slowly working through fixing the deprecated compatibility within my public Optimizely add-ons. By re-visiting the inner workings of these one by one, I expect over the next two weeks to have up-to-date compatibility in place, incl. adherence to the latest and greatest best practices philosophies.

First Add-on TLC

You can see that Fellow.Epi.JobNotifier has been the first add-on to undergo inspection. It now supports Optimizely’s latest version and relies on the updated Notification APIs for better compatibility. It not only adopted the new and re-factored Notification system, it also enables you as a developer to more easily support ASP.NET Identity and OWIN.


Happy upgrading!


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