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Real enablers for Business growth

Technical Leader - Microsoft Practices

September 07, 2017

Real enablers for Business growth

Constant growth is needed for any business to flourish in this competitive world. To achieve this growth, the latest technologies and tools (T&T) can act as enablers by reducing costs and project duration.

The latest front-end and back-end T&T provide multiple options for all levels of the workforce—be it the top executives, architects, developers, or testers—enabling them to quickly develop one of the many different types of applications like Windows/Web/Mobile/etc.

New front-end T&Ts are used by many enterprise companies to create responsive cross-browser applications—providing amazing customer experiences that can be easily integrated with the necessary back-end T&T. These tools and technologies also ensure a consistent look and feel for the application across all platforms and devices.

New back-end T&Ts have combined architecture with effective design to help in building scalable, reliable, robust, and loosely coupled modules and applications. This has enabled distributed teams to work in parallel, reducing the dependency that often interferes with delivering the application within the set time and budget. In addition, 3rd party tools and services (like payment gateway services) can be added, removed or changed with little effort to adapt to changing business requirements.

To reduce developing costs and time in the Data Access layer, many enterprise companies are making extensive use of Object-relational-mappings(ORM) tools. These tools provide more options for architects to plug & play with different types of databases dynamically, thereby minimizing the required effort. This reduces the amount of time developers’ need to spend focused on data access, freeing them up to focus more on business logic.

On top of all this, applying Agile practices for creating the application from the requirement phase through to the final release phase, boosts the quality of the application and capability of the team to deliver the project within the proposed budget—making a great impression among the clients.

For any given project that has budget, time and resource constraints, the latest T&T helps to reduce approximately 20% of the total effort (as compared against earlier T&Ts) eventually resulting in time and cost savings while delivering an optimal output.

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