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February 01, 2016

This year, we wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything at CES in Las Vegas. We believe as digital disruptors, we have to be up front and centre to learn about the new technologies to help your customers through their digital transformation.

I spent a few days exploring and learning. Retail is changing, and digital experiences are making a tremendous impact on many industries. There are many more platforms available for retailers to develop on. It's getting easier to go into the digital space, but you have to dare to play, to innovate, to explore.I saw a lot of great ideas, some I'm not so sure about, but still, they're inspiring. Here my top 10.

Transparent displays, smart glass & windows

Memomi Labs Memory Mirror

A mirror that remembers you! Go into the fitting room to try on the red dress, spin around in front of the mirror. Want to see what it would look like in black? Just touch the screen– there’s no need to leave the dressing room. Want to compare? Display both dresses on the mirror. This technology will change the in-store experience forever. In fact, I think tomorrow’s fitting room will require a completely different design. Interior designers specializing in retail will likely face new challenges to make bigger fitting rooms, smaller retail display areas, with more space for digital displays featuring accessories and options. It’s currently in use by Neiman Marcus.


Samsung Transparent OLED Display - Abt CES 2016


Beauty technology

ROMY Paris

ROMY Paris has created a Nespresso-like beauty machine. It will formulate fresh face cream for you daily on demand, depending on your facial needs. For example, it will mix up a specially formulated cream for you when your skin is dry, stressed, or tired. You can personalize the mix every time.

MAPO Connected Beauty Mask

A “connected” beauty mask that can make an assessment of your skin condition, and tell you how to better care for it. Just place the mask on your face, and get a complete analysis of hydration, dryness, etc. through an app on your phone. You can also use the mask to apply a treatment more effectively. This product has a lot of potential in Asia. See the video.

L’OREAL La Roche-Posay UV Patch

More and more people are concerned about UV ray exposure. Easy to use, stick this patch on your hand, arm or other exposed area, and instantly measure how much UV exposure you are exposed to. Everyone around you will wonder, what is that thing? There could be a viral opportunity here…


L’Oréal's My UV Patch - Hands on at CES 2016


Smart home

Whirlpool Smart Home

This one doesn’t exist yet, but it was great to see that Whirlpool is thinking about it. It was inspirational to see how a connected kitchen could work. Everything from a microwave that recognizes the products you place in it and cooks accordingly, to stovetops that warm the baby bottle to the perfect temperature, to a smart dishwasher that cleans objects instantly.

Samsung New Smart Fridge

It’s too complicated to scan each item you put in your fridge. Don't worry. This new fridge will take multiple pictures from inside the fridge and let you know what’s in there, allowing you to order foods that you're running low on. You can also watch your Jello congeal in real-time.

The touch screen on the front panel can also be used to listen to music, watch TV, update your family calendar and do online shopping.

I see this one working well if your fridge is well-organized, but not if you’ve got a fully packed family fridge…


SAMSUNG Family Hub SMARTEST Refrigerator - All Features EXPLAINED, CES 2016


Sony Augmented Reality Glasses

While it’s not perfect, they work, and are not that expensive. Compatible with Android, the Sony augmented reality glasses comes with a SDK for retailers to explore how they can use augmented reality. This is a great way to get into the digital space.


  • Wear the glasses to keep a recipe projected right in your glasses while cooking.
  • View real-time tweets about your location while at an event.
  • Real-time translations during an event or talk.
  • Remember where you know people from at a social event with face recognition.
  • Wear the glasses walking down the street as a GPS tool, keeping you hands-free.
  • I look forward to seeing how this one evolves.


SmartEyeglass at CES, Jan 6-9th 2016


SleepIQ Sensor in Mattress

Biometric sensors collect data while you sleep, tracking your eye movement, heart rate, breathing and other sleep statuses hundreds of times per second. Learn your SleepIQ, and work on optimizing your rest.

This one furthers the idea that the IoT is growing; everything can be connected. Every move we make, even when we’re not moving, can be measured and optimized.

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