San Diego

Senior Android Engineer

Company Description

Valtech San Diego is busy building the future, and we’re looking for a (possibly remote) Senior Android Engineer that wants to help us make sure it works. We work on projects for some pretty awesome clients, and this Android position is for a very well-known video streaming one (well-known as in your parents would know who they are). The person that will fill this position will have a passion for new technology, a desire for high quality code, and wants to push the boundaries of what can be done with Android. You dream of this stuff when you go to bed. You wake up and can’t wait to start coding.

Job Description

Valtech is seeking a seasoned Android engineer to join our team working on a very large, very well-known video streaming app. You’ll be getting up to speed quickly and will be integrated as a remote member of the team, joining in architecture discussions, daily standups, backlog grooming sessions, sprint planning, and sprint review meetings. You’ll be helping on everything from fixing bugs in old code to working on entirely new features. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Be a motivated self-starter and quickly get up to speed in a large codebase
  • Conduct PR reviews
  • Ability to modify existing Java code, while writing all new code in Kotlin
  • Writing test cases for your code
  • Attend video meetings with steller video and audio
  • Clearly communicate sprint task status
  • Able to work a 9-5 PT schedule
  • Keeping up with the latest trends in Android development


  • 5+ years working on production Android applications
  • Thorough knowledge of Kotlin and Java
  • Extensive experience with Android Studio, Gradle, ADB, etc.
  • Deep understanding of Android Activity and Fragment life cycles, custom views, and animations
  • Strong knowledge of MVVM, MVP
  • Experience with Room
  • Familiarity with common Android libraries like RxJava, Picasso, Retrofit, etc
  • Experience with DI (such as Toothpick)
  • Strong experience with writing unit and integration tests
  • Working knowledge of test-driven development, test automation, CI 
  • Proficient with Git (both merging and rebasing)



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