Solution Architect - MACH

(Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) 


Valtech is a global digital agency that focuses on business transformation for our clients. Founded in 1993, Valtech has established itself as one of the largest independent global agency groups with more than 3.000 exceptional individuals operating out of 40+ offices in 15 countries. 

As one of the founders of the global MACH Alliance, we have experienced an overwhelming interest and demand for these services from clients. We are therefore looking to get even more new colleagues onboard to join us on this exciting journey. 

So, are you looking for your next challenge? Then this is your chance to join our team of exceptionally talented, creative and innovative professionals working with MACH tech, Best-of-Breed technology platforms within the large-scale digital experience and e-commerce business area. 

This role is to some extent location agnostic, but we’re especially looking to place these roles in one of our offices in Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Sweden or Switzerland. 

What will you be doing? 

  • As a Solution Architect you want to play an active and hands-on role in supporting the organization in delivering solutions, relying on MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) principles, that exceed the expectations of our clients. 
  • As a member of the local MACH technology team, you want to support, educate and architect on composable best-of-breed client-engagements across the continent and seek alignment with your counterpart on the global team. 
  • You look to deploy your experience and hands-on understanding of MACH tech tools to both operate on a development lead and architect level. 
  • You have a well-developed business sense, and you understand what success looks like for our clients. That means you can translate your technical knowledge into business solutions with positive impact on our client's business. 
  • You want to support the development and sales teams in your own or neighboring countries in selling, guiding, and delivering solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. You like being the source of knowledge and steering for our teams and engaging with our clients to provide guidance and support in business decisions with a MACH tech view. A significant part of your time will be client faced and billable to clients.  
  • You want to initiate and lead innovation and knowledge building activities within Valtech and in client engagements.  
  • You want to play an active role in supporting and continuously improving our approach of working with the MACH principles. 
  • You want to work closely with the local Technology Director to align on Valtech's way of working, technology choices, business goals and continue to build on knowledge across the company.

What do we expect from you?  

  • An experienced and senior technical professional with a maker mentality, who thrives with and is not scared of getting “your hands dirty” when engaging deeply into client engagements if that’s what it takes to get things done right. 
  • Experience on leading technology teams and services. 
  • Strong personal belief in “getting things done right” with the ability to make effective decisions and see them through. 
  • Flexibility and ability to adjust on-the-fly to new demands and business environments as well as sense of urgency.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, intercultural and people skills required for working with internal teams as well as client teams across different locations and cultures with success. 
  • Assertiveness, directness, and a “company first” mentality.
  • A person who wants to join a company full of diverse, intelligent and talented people and wants to shake things up a bit and fill their days with problem solving, new and innovative solutions and phenomenal client projects.  
  • Someone who is ready to do the best work of their life, create achievements to be really and genuinely proud of, learn every day and to really and truly meet their potential.  

In addition, we’ll also be looking for: 

  • A proven background in architecting, implementing, leading, and delivering enterprise-scale projects/programs adhering to all (or a sub-set) of the principles behind MACH tech services. 
  • A team-player with great knowledge and understanding of the key platform players in the space of modular architecture software, most importantly: commercetools, Contentful, Contentstack, Fluent and Amplience. 
  • Proven cloud and serverless experience, preferably via Azure, GCP or AWS 
  • Hands-on experience with technology fully adhering to the principles of MACH. 
  • AMSc in engineering or similar and at least 10 years of relevant working experience. 
  • Fluent in English—both spoken and written.
  • Experience working in an agency/consulting business like Valtech would be an advantage. 
  • Note to non-EU nationals: We require a valid work permit in one of the above-mentioned countries. 

What can you expect from us? 

At Valtech you’ll become part of an exceptional team of more than 3.000 talented innovators, design thinkers, marketers, creatives and developers, who all create unprecedented success for our Global 500 clients while optimizing time-to-market and return on investment. We interact across countries, disciplines, trades, roles and teams. We are consultants before anything else and take ownership of our own work, clients and careers. We provide everyone with a large degree of freedom—in return, we expect an equally high degree of accountability and dedication. 

We have from our very beginning always worked hard on providing everyone within our organisation the opportunity to grow and also transform their job opportunities and career paths across the world. From graduates to seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. Valtech will always be recognized not just for the quality of the work we deliver, but for all the amazing people that make it happen. We don’t just talk about how to get things done, we really do transform by doing. 

If this sounds like your next challenge, then do send us your application already today. We look forward to hearing from you.