Architecte / Lead Dev SFCC-SFRA h/f - Paris

Architecte / Lead Dev SFCC-SFRA h/f - Paris


Picture this! You’re part of a dedicated and global multidisciplinary client team of more than 100 consultants and developers that operate from Paris. Your team is devoted to or alternates between critical work streams each served by one or more teams. You coach marketers to adopt best practices and attack digital opportunities. You work with creative agencies from all geographies to challenge the norm while exploiting past work. You develop innovative websites/e-commerce/apps/campaigns and much more for the next-gen retail space. You run the most advanced library of components/templates for fast execution of new sites/apps. You solicit local requirements, adapt solutions and roll-out to numerous markets. You crunch and exploit data to innovate the experience of consumers and marketers to redefine context marketing.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Our client is a world leader in its industry and looking to disrupt how its 75 brands interact digitally with consumers. Or in plain English. You get to work on one of the most ambitious of all digital transformations ever seen!

Let’s talk career path for a moment. This job is for you, if you’re a Senior Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Developer looking to make the jump to Lead Developer or if you’re already working as a SFCC Architect and is ready for more and new challenges. You want to work with larger and more complex projects in an international environment. You want to have a wider sphere of influence and implement solutions with industry-changing implications based on the newest technologies. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Role / Mission Architect - Lead Dev SFCC/SFRA

Here’s what we can offer:

  • You will orchestrate large, complex SFCC e-commerce projects for our large international clients. The stakes will be high, as will be their expectations, and you will be expected to deliver solid and thoughtful architectures and solutions that challenge existing digital boundaries
  • You’ll take the lead developer role in the team, while at the same time grow and motivate your developer colleagues around you
  • You’ll be a trusted advisor to our clients – not ”just a developer”
  • You will work with the newest technologies, including Salesforce SFRA architecture
  • You’ll work with integration to other business critical systems like ERP, CRM, DAM and PIM
  • You will work across development platforms, and have the opportunity to develop and/or hone your skills on the world’s leading e-commerce platforms


Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You have an educational background as an engineer or a master’s degree in Computer Science. You are a Certified SFCC Developer.
  • You have 5+ years’ experience as an SFCC Developer, and you have been lead on several SFCC-based development projects
  • Maybe you’re a SFCC MVP or have ambitions of becoming one in the near future
  • You have documented experience with SFCC 10.x
  • You have experience with and deep knowledge of integration to e.g. ERP, CRM, DAM, PIM and other third-party integrations
  • You have extensive experience with MVC and LINK
  • You are well-versed with basic web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and understand the value of a strong relationship between front- and backend development
  • You’re ready and is expected to roll up your sleeves and code in order to get the job done on a daily basis
  • You know the importance of having reliable and stable development environments
  • You thrive in an open and informal environment where freedom comes with accountability
  • You’re fluent in English, both written and oral

Valtech Values : Share - Dare - Care

  • Share : We pay it forward. We share knowledge with our peers, our clients and colleagues all over the world. We share to connect, to learn, to grow, to be open and to be transparent. We share the passion for making a difference in the world. For making an impact. We share the value of being part of a collaborative, role-based and diverse organisation respectfully embracing different personalities, cultures and opinions.
  • Dare : We thrive in environments that are full of complexity and ambiguity. We dare to challenge not only ourselves and each other, but also our clients to go into unknown territories. Fueled by our shared passion, we dare to trust each other and go new, innovative ways to make extraordinary things happen. We dare to take the lead. To take responsibility even when things have failed. We dare to speak up and to be honest.
  • Care : We care about the end user experience. We care for our clients' businesses and about the quality of the things we create. We care deeply about the vibe and well being of our teams. We care for ourselves and our colleagues to live healthy lives. We care about the world we live in and in taking responsibility for our role in improving human lives and making the world a better place for everyone.

Diversity & Inclusion

    At Valtech, we’re here to engineer experiences that work and reach every single person. To do this, we are proactive about creating workplaces that work for every person at Valtech. Our goal is to create an equitable workplace which gives people from all backgrounds the support they need to thrive, grow and meet their goals (whatever they may be).

    Please do not worry if you do not meet all of the criteria or if you have some gaps in your CV. We’d love to hear from you and see if you’re our next member of the Valtech team!

    The Agency

    Valtech is a digital agency focused on business transformation. We are capitalising on 25 years experience in technology, marketing, strategy and data to transform how you interact with the world; delivering frictionless experiences that close the gap between expectation and reality.

    Together with our clients we are transforming every industry from retail to travel, healthcare to manufacturing. We are removing complexity and adding instant value, making the every-day intuitive, seamless and simple.

    With 3700 experts in 51 offices in 18 countries, we are perfectly positioned to support the global transformation of our clients and enable them to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow, to drive their growth and achieve ROI, fast. Transform by Doing