Capacity manager

Capacity manager

The opportunity

We are looking for Capacity Manager, who will assists Project Managers, Delivery Managers, and other stakeholders (Ukraine, other Valtech accounts) with human capacity planning and allocation. The Capacity Manager is fully responsible for efficient integration and alignment with all stakeholders, handles current capacity demand, and strategically plans future capacity needs. From a governance perspective, key responsibilities are to ensure efficient capacity utilization and allocation, manage a seniority pyramid.

The Ideal Candidate

— 2+ years as a Capacity/Resource Manager or similar roles;
— Background working in IT companies;
— Excellent internal and external communication and negotiation skills;
— Good understanding of demand planning and financial modeling;
— Ability to prioritize workload at personal and organizational level;
— Highly organized and process oriented;
— Able to structure and process qualitative and quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions;
— Upper-intermediate English level;
— 1+ years of project or program management experience would be a huge plus.

The Role

— Analysis and defines the Strategic and Business need in the expertise to be expended or reduced;
— Forecast the required capacity of the expertise;
— Ensures the current capacity planning process meets the targets;
— Consults on the expertise to be expanded;
— Consults on the ways the expertise may be added (collaboration with subcontractors, adding internal
— Leads and maintains the collaboration with the third-party providers;
— Takes the responsibility for the capacity planning in the organization;
— Leads the expertise’s capacity planning activities to optimize the cost and utilization;
— Assess the existing capacity planning processes, continuously works on the improvement and optimization;
— Ensure that the right tools and processes are in place to deliver effective capacity planning across the organization;
— Analyses the data to ensure the current processes are efficient;
— Ensures that capacity-related incidents and problems are addressed;
— Evaluates and addresses the capacity planning related risks to the key stakeholders;
— Promotes Valtech Ukraine as the best place to expand the team and expertise in Internal and external partners;
— Collaborate with internal stakeholders to obtain and ensure that current and accurate information is used for planning purposes to meet operational requirements;
— Forecasts and communicates the plan to the participants of the capacity planning and utilization process;
— Builds positive relations with new accounts for Valtech Ukraine;
— Consults the accounts on the Valtech Ukraine capabilities, capacity planning processes, market trends;
— Coordinates the capacity planning activities within different functions involved;
— Holds the responsibility for the budget control of the Capacity management process;
— Ensures the Capacity planning process is cost-efficient;
— Consults on the teams’ cost optimization via adjusting the capacity planning, applying rotation, reviewing seniority pyramid etc.

What Balance Means to Us

— a modern office, comfortable work environment, and the best available tools;
— business trips to Europe/US;
— 20 working days of vacation;
— medical insurance;
— sick leave (up to 20 days a year);
— unpaid leave (up to 20 days a year);
— paid days off (2 days);
— private entrepreneur leave (2 days);
— ability to work from home;
— professional certifications coverage — 100% (successfully passed);
— English classes;
— sport hobbies compensation;
— ability to participate in Global Valtech R&D initiatives (AR/VR projects and IoT projects).