DevOps Engineer

What You’ll do:

Here at Valtech we help other companies build software solutions that really work. Our projects are highly diverse. You will be working with a wide range of technologies, customers and needs.

We truly believe in DevOps culture, Agile, and Lean. Our teams are cross-functional and typically co-located, working collaboratively with our clients, from product inception through to delivery of a live product. As a part of our projects we are frequently required to enable our clients in development of their own internal capability.

In addition to building on your existing skills you will find frequent opportunities to develop in new areas including complementary technologies, consultancy skills and also other technical disciplines.

You will be responsible for automating, building, maintaining and improving the infrastructure and operational aspects of the project, including continuous integration/deployment environments. This includes ensuring that environments can be mobilised quickly in a repeatable fashion.


About our Projects

At Valtech, we work across government and the commercial sector, on some of the most challenging and interesting projects. Our success is built on delivering quality user experiences at the time they are needed, and we care about positive outcomes even more than the technology we build. Much of the work we do helps vulnerable people, and hopefully like you, we’re passionate about making solutions accessible to all.


As a consultancy we work on a range of projects:

  • Greenfield and Brownfield projects
  • Digital (Web)/ Big Data/ Platform projects
  • Full Lifecyle development projects from discovery/ inception phase through to delivery
  • Cutting edge technologies with cross functional teams



What you’ll need:

We'll be looking to see good experience and awareness across some of the following areas:

  • Experience in a client facing role and comfortable leading when needed
  • Experience in delivering the infrastructure
  • Infrastructure - Virtualized, Containerised
  • Cloud Providers – e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Configuration management (e.g. Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform)
  • Container Tech (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, ECS)
  • Agile and Lean methodologies.
  • Building deployment pipelines using CI/CD tools. (e.g. Jenkins, Git Lab)
  • Networking principles and practices (e.g. Security, Subnets, VLANS, Firewalls, TCP/IP)
  • Monitoring, metrics, and logging (e.g. ELK, Prometheus)
  • OS Tuning and Management - Linux/Unix/BSD and Windows
  • Web Technologies - (e.g. Nginx, IIS)
  • Databases - (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Mongo, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Redis)
  • Scripting skills (e.g. Bash, Python, Powershell)


Nice to have:

  • Experience in designing the infrastructure
  • Private Cloud (e.g. Cloudstack, OpenStack, CloudFoundry)
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Experience of mentoring, coaching and supporting less experienced colleagues and clients.
  • Depending on seniority team leadership may form part of your role
  • Vulnerability/threat assessment and mitigation


About our Teams

You’ll work across a broad range of projects in the public and private sector. Whether it’s transport, health, central government, housing or helping the most vulnerable in society, your contribution will have an impact and bring about positive change in the world. As a valued member of the team, you’ll help your colleagues understand what they need to do to help users, and you can expect them to support you and get involved with research.

All this hard work doesn’t get in the way of building great working relationships. Some of the best and brightest call Valtech their professional home.  We have an empowered working environment and a culture of innovation and shared learning. We make time for fun activities, so we get to know each other better.