Front-End Developer

Here’s what you will be doing

Working within the integration and front-end teams, you will contribute to agile, high value-added web projects encompassing various sectors and will need to:

  • Contribute to ongoing or planned projects
  • Offer client-side consulting
  • Implement innovative industry frameworks
  • Improve the user experience while maintaining accessibility standards
  • Implement testing tools designed to monitor and improve code quality
  • Introduce and explain your technical choices and know-how to your coworkers
So, what are we looking for?

Trained in IT with at least 2 years of experience, you are well-versed in the JavaScript language as well as some of the industry’s libraries/frameworks (Angular, Backbone, Ember, React, Node, JQuery, Prototype, YUI, Underscore, etc.). You’re knowledgeable in object-oriented programming. Knowledge of a back-end programming language is a plus.

You are well-practiced with more recent APIs, such as localStorage/sessionStorage, Canvas, WebSocket, WebWorkers, geolocation, offline mode, HTML5 and CSS3, and have some knowledge about object-oriented programming.

You use unit-testing frameworks (QUnit, JsUnit, Jasmine, JsTestDriver, Mocha, etc.) and/or functional testing frameworks (Selenium, HTMLUnit, Watir, etc.).

You are a diligent and rigorous worker, with an eye for detail – down to the pixel.  Gifted with an inquisitive mind, proactive and self-sufficient, you also enjoy working as part of a team and offering innovative solutions.

Related skills: Less, Sass, Compass, Bootstrap, Http/Rest, SVG, XML, JSON, Twitter/Facebook APIs