Front-end Developer

Responsibilities and Job Duties 

  • Liaise with client and project teams 
  • Gather and document technical requirements 
  • Participate in quality assurance activities 
  • Provide written documentation and training to clients 
  • Provide context and guidance for integration and implementation of Front End Interfaces 
  • Translate wireframes, comps, and functional requirements into functional HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript 
  • Develop mobile sites and applications across a broad range of devices, and mobile operating systems using a blend of existing frameworks and custom code 
  • Implement complex Ajax interactions 
  • Develop JavaScript with diverse frameworks (jQuery, React, VueJS, Angular, etc) 
  • Apply knowledge of emerging technologies to create best of breed solutions for our clients and partners 
  • Integrate Social Media plug-ins and APIs like FB, TW, YT, etc. 
  • Understand and work around common issues like browser security issues, iframe to iframe communication, https requests 
  • Work on CMS based environment e.g. SharePoint, Sitecore 
  • Use standard toolsets to develop, validate and test code (Qunit, Jasmine) 
  • Understand, implement and advocate front end performance 
  • Provide technology and implementation expertise to domain, projects, or client 

The successful candidate must demonstrate at least 3 years of hands-on work experience in the following areas and with the following technologies: 

  • Excellent knowledge of hand-coded (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the DOM 
  • Strong experience in developing standards compliant, CSS based layouts 
  • Knowledge of JavaScript/UI libraries and their use in implementing AJAX solution 
  • Understanding of SEO and accessibility issues and how they relate to development 
  • Good working knowledge of the Adobe suite of products 
  • Strong graphics manipulation/optimization skills using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. 
  • Experience working on large branded websites a plus 
  • Experience working with CMS, Portal technologies, and/or backend frameworks (.NET) 
  • Ability to thrive under tight deadlines and manage time efficiently 

Additionally, the successful candidate must be able to prove advanced English skills.