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People Management Manager

People Management Manager


This position will support with strategies for the business, map the existing profiles of the company.
People managers are leaders who assess potential and existing staff members, make hiring and firing decisions, and provide management with information about individual employee performance and company employee policies.

Main Responsibilities:
• Assist or lead the coordination of general project design including programming, estimating, consultant selection, design review and liaison with Physical Plant, departmental and design firm personnel.
• Compiles and reports technical information; schedules and assists with design development, meetings, schedule selection, design and construction budget development and/or status and site surveys.
• Attends project status meeting and is prepared to report design, construction and budget status plus client expectations and needs.
• Interacts with outside consultants in terms of negotiation of contracts, scope, guidance and coordination with the appropriate management and clients.
• Organize basic project requirements, identify necessary resource needs, develop implementation schedule, implement and manage on-going needs to ensure long term project and system success.
• Manage appropriate staff (regular, student, temporary, etc.) as necessary to insure successful work management of Department systems and projects.

Required knowledge
• Personnel management – people managers hire, fire, supervise, and evaluate employees, all of which require strong management skills
• Communication skills – because people managers perform interviews and advise management on employee policies, excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for this job
• Analytical thinking – people managers use analytical skills to evaluate employees
• Interpersonal skills – people managers speak with employees about their needs and concerns and advise management on employee policies, which both require interpersonal skills
• Attention to detail – people managers use observation and attention to detail to supervise employees
• Bachelors degree in Business Administration or related.
• Upper Intermediate/Advanced English